Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rise and Shine!

Sam was up early again this morning. I think we were up before 5:30, but maybe it's best not to know :-) While she was all smiles and full of energy, I felt a bit like a zombie, as I didn't get to bed until later than normal last night. She is also full of words these days, adding new ones daily - this week's additions include chair, puddle, top playdoh (pronounced "waydo") and splash - as well as stringing together two and three words to form "sentences." I feel like there is so much going on in her brain that she just can't help but wake up in the night and early morning. She just has so much to do and learn! However, I might add some curtains on top of our black-out shades and see if that allows her to sleep in just a little while longer in the mornings. I could really do with a bit more sleep!

We played and had breakfast, and once Ryan came downstairs around 7:15, I quickly changed and went out for a short run. I got in 3.5 miles. It was muggy and heavy out, but I did get to stop and eat a few more blueberries along the powerlines so that was a treat! This morning's run rounded out my week to a nice even 34 miles. I probably should have done a few more miles this morning to bump up the mileage, but I want to have some energy for the Scuffle tomorrow!! Last year, I ran the race in 50:04. I had a fire lit under me after my DNF at Pineland, I weighed less than I had in years due to breastfeeding, etc, and I was itching to come back strong after Sam's birth. This year, I think I'm in better shape, am likely still around the same weight, and hopefully I can get some sleep tonight so that I can feel fresh and peppy out there! I don't have a firm time goal in mind, but hopefully I can match last year's time at least! We shall see. Regardless, it is bound to be a fun time out on the trails with our Trail Monster friends! :-)

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