Friday, February 12, 2016


This has been one odd winter. Or maybe it is just that it has been inconsistent. Needless to say, the cold spell we are currently having seems extra chilly after the long stretches of warm winter weather we've had recently. Brr! Only 3 degrees when I headed out, and that was at 9:00 am after dropping Sam off at school. Easy day to run more miles than degrees, at least ;)

I had a laundry list of things on my to do list and was volunteering in Sam's classroom this afternoon, so in my mind, it made more sense to stick around here and run, versus driving over to the Brad, so I decided I would try for a little "speed" and run roads today. I parked over on Pennelville Road and headed out from there, enjoying the crisp cold air, the brilliant sunlight, the sparkling ocean views and the bright white snow cover along the fields. The roads were quiet with little traffic and in surprisingly decent shape. I was able to run comfortably without my screwshoes; there was only one stretch of road in the shade with a bit of snow/ice coverage, otherwise I had good bare pavement to run on. The early miles went by easily at a solid clip, and then I had to focus a bit to stay there, but it felt good. Finished up with 10 miles in 1:26:59 for 8:40 pace, and happy with that.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


A rough start to the week here. A sick kiddo in Monday and a two-hour snow delay on Tuesday meant a few half days at work, and the ensuing coughing overnight meant little sleep, and therefore no getting up in the early morning hours to run. Sigh.

Thankfully Sam is on the mend and we were all able to get some sleep last night, and I finally got up and out for a run after there days off. I headed out around 5:50 am out in the powerlines. The snowmobile club had rolled the trails out to Homeplace; the snow was still pretty soft but if I ran right down the middle where things were the most packed, it was decent. Out on the back of the loop, the trail was packed by a machine or two but not rolled. 

The woods began to lighten as I ran back along Lover's Lane and I was able to turn off my headlamp. After cresting the hill by Rt 24 and the rest of the way home, I was able to see the sun rise. Truly beautiful, especially as the sun crested the horizon and began to cast a soft pastel glow on the white snow. 

Got in a lovely 7 miles for the morning at a mellow pace and very happy to have gotten out!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Slow but Beautiful Cathance

After yesterday's snowshoe tromp out in the Cathance with Ryan and Sam, I knew exactly where I was headed this morning. It was just so beautiful out there. Beautiful this morning too, but much softer and slower than I had been anticipating, and I managed to slip off one of the bog bridges and jam up my left ankle. All the slipping and sliding around in the soft snow left it feeling a bit wobbly. Glad to have a Dr. Jamie appointment this week.

But really, hard to complain, as I had the trails to myself out there this morning, the sun was shining, the trees were still snow covered and the river was roaring. Got in 7.2 miles to round out the week at 36.1 miles, and am certainly happy with that.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ocean and River

Intended to get up and out early this morning for my run, but Sam had other plans and she woke up before I headed out the door. Which led to me hanging out with her and making pancakes and bacon while Ryan slept. So when Amy said, hey, let me know if you want to run, I like, well, if you want to come up here, I'm game! So instead, I got in a lovely road run out through the quiet roads of Pennelville with Amy mid-morning today. It was a windy but beautiful blue sky day, with the sun shining and the trees covered with snow. We ran down to Simpson's Point and took in the ocean view before looping back around to the car for a good 5.5 mile run. Perfect!

Later this afternoon, after Ryan had gotten in his snowshoe run and Sam and I went to do the recycling and to battle the crowds at Target, the three of us got out for a snowshoe hike down along the Cathance. The trails had been really packed out by the time we arrived around 3:30. I guess everyone else wanted to get out and enjoy the snow and sunshine! We went a slightly different route than we might normally take, enjoying the late afternoon light shining through the birch groves, the roar of the river, the snow-covered trees, and marveled at how amazing it was to have snow on the ground but also so much open water. Still, incredibly beautiful out there. We got in a nice hour-long/1.1 miles hike and then headed off to meet up with Kristen, Phil, Anne and Thistle for sushi and gelato. Life is good ;)

Friday, February 5, 2016

Snow Day

Today's snow day brought to you by sticker making, bird feeder painting and a whole lot of Wild Kratz....

From 50 degrees yesterday to a snow day today. Crazy! But that's Maine for ya... Snow, snow and more snow...

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Donuts, Deer and a Day Off

Original plans called for meeting up with Amy yesterday for a birthday run and lunch out. With the weather, we decided to move the celebration to today, which actually worked out quite well, as combined with my regular Friday off it meant a four-day weekend. Can't complain about that! We met up this morning out at Lawrence Road after I dropped Sam off at school, and got ready to run. Of course, we had to eat our donuts first ;)

Pre-run donuts

With all the rain from yesterday combined with temps in the low mid-40s, we figured the best bet was to stick to the roads today. Thankfully, these back roads are quiet and not well-traveled, and I was surprised to find that after the first few paved road miles, we would end up running on nice packed dirt roads for the remainder of the out and back. We also found some good hills, some lovely field and marsh vistas, complete with low mist rising from the dwindling snowpack, and had a grand old time enjoying the run and each other's company as we chatted away. Always fun to run with Amy!

Mist rising

Fun running

Love the design of queen anne's lace in winter

Back roads

Of course, we also found a deer leg, yup, just the leg, in the middle of the road, with no evidence of the rest of the body to be found. Bizarre. You just never know what you'll find out there. Also a wooly bear. On February 4th. Moving around and unfrozen. This has been one odd winter.

Deer leg.

Wooly bear!

We got in a good 14 miles on this spring-like morning, and followed up the run with lunch at Edna & Lucy's, which, for me, also included a delicious, decadent chocolate cupcake. Yum! 

Incredibly lucky to be able to spend the morning running and playing with my good friend! Thanks, Amy! :) A perfect birthday celebration!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

41, You've Got Nothing On Me

41. A weird age. Not a big one like last year. Just any other day, really. I don't feel old. Well, ok, sometimes ;) But don't quote me on that!

Honestly, it was a regular day today. No special dinner, no donuts or ice cream. Gasp, I know! Just work and swim lessons for Sam, which meant a 4.1 mile treadmill run for me ;)

Of course, the best thing about birthdays these days is hearing from family and friends, which I had plenty of! Love that! Oh and this gem from Sam ;) 

But, don't worry, I'm not completely ignoring my birthday. Honest. I'm taking a day off tomorrow to run with Amy and have lunch out, and am following it up with my regular three day weekend. I'd say that's a pretty good way to celebrate! Oh, and there just might be a few donuts to eat tomorrow pre-run :) 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

River and Back with John

Got in a nice early morning run with John today. We couldn't decide which would be better, Cathance or snowmobile trails, so I asked Sam. She said Cathance, so that is where we went ;) Variable conditions out there for sure, with everything from packed snow to ice to bare ground to open water, but it was doable. Of course, John just ran right over everything while I timidly picked my way across the ice, etc, ha! We had a great time catching up as we ran, and caught the beginning of the sunrise, which was partially hidden beneath the heavy overcast. A nice 5.2 to start the day.

Monday, February 1, 2016

2016 Goals: Gratitude - January

I've never been big on resolutions but I do like to set goals and having things to work toward. And while I certainly have running goals for 2016, one of the other things I am hoping to focus on this year is gratitude.

I have the bad habit of thinking woulda coulda shoulda, of looking ahead and behind, of not always appreciating what I have and how good I have it. There will never be enough money or vacation time and there will always be a house to clean, laundry to do and little daily annoyances. But I am incredibly lucky and need to do a better job of remembering that and appreciating the joy around me, whether it be from something small or big.

I saw something in Facebook around the holidays about making note of one good thing/thing that made you happy/grateful/thankful/smile every day and writing it down, with the idea of looking back at the end of 12 months and remembering how great the year truly was, and I really like the idea.  I'm not saying this means I will always be joyful or grateful, but it does mean I am going to make a conscious effort every day to note something that has made me happy/grateful/thankful. I won't be putting my notes in a jar, but the practice of gratitude and appreciation speaks to me, and is something I plan to work in this year.  My plan is to do monthly compilations, with notes typed out daily. And since this blog is essentially my journal of running, life and kiddo stuff, here is the first installment: my gratitude list for January. I must say, there was a lot of fun and happiness this past month!

1/1/16 - Grateful to be able to share a run on the icy trails at the other Brad with Ryan. We don't get to run together often, so it's always nice when we get the chance! Great way to kick off the new year.

1/2/16 - Thankful to spend time with family and to see these two cuties laughing and playing together. 

1/3/16 - Birds chirping, pretty marsh, pretty sky. Enjoyed the peace and solitude out on my run this morning. 

1/4/15 - This. 

1/5/16 - Indoor recess for two days meant a bit of fresh air was needed, so Sam and I went for a headlamp walk around the block tonight after I picked her up at after school care. She held my hand the whole way.

1/6/16 - Grateful to have a job with flexibility enough to leave at 3:00 on a Wednesday to take Sam to swim lessons.

1/7/16 - Headed out at 6:00 am for a run on a crisp, clear morning. Treated to the incredible sight of the crescent moon flanked by the brightly shining Venus and Mars. Gorgeous.

1/8/16 - Green hills, blue electric sky.

1/9/16 - Every day is better if it involves a Frosty's donut and a cup of coffee. Enough said. Plus 7 hours of solid sleep last night, which is huge for me. 

1/10/16 - Glad to have a good friend to meet up with on a dreary, rainy, misty, foggy Sunday morning to hold me accountable to my 12 miles on a day it would have been easier to stay inside. Thanks, Amy! 

1/11/16 - More late afternoon light means time for weekday outdoor adventures! Checked out the Labrynth in the Woods with Sam today after her dentist appointment. Fun in the woods is always good. 

1/12/16 - Snow falling in the darkness. As Sam says, "it is so beautiful."

1/13/16 - Thankful to be able to access plowed, quiet streets for an early morning run after a snowfall.

1/14/16 - Oh happy day! Today, I finally finished entering the last of the 200+ end of the year donations and printing out the corresponding thank you letters that I've been working on at work. Only took two weeks!! Hurray. 

1/15/16 - Lovely, snowy daylight run along the Cathance. River was roaring!

1/16/16 - Excited Sam was so excited by her new skis that we just had to get out to try them out after today's storm :)

1/17/16 - Peaceful, solitary, beautiful, tough, frosty snowshoe run at the Brad this morning followed up with an afternoon snowshoe hike with Sam out in the Cathance. Always good to get out and play in the snow :)

1/18/16 - A vacation day spent with friends is always fun! Spent many hours hanging out with Will and Amy. The kids played really well together, and Amy and I trekked around the yard in our snowshoes ;)

1/19/16 - On cold, windy days like today, I am incredibly thankful that I can crank up my heat without wondering if I have enough fuel left in the tank. Many of the clients we work with do not have that luxury, and in these cold months I am always reminded of how lucky I am to have a warm, cozy home.

1/20/16 - Beautiful pre-dawn snowshoe run this morning down to the river and back. Thankful I hauled myself out of bed and out the door :)

1/21/16 - Tonight, while trying to get Sam ready to sleep, she got the hiccups. So after the lights were turned out and I sang her a few songs, I thought I'd yell a big silly "Boo" to try and startle the hiccups away. Of course, all that happened was she said, "Was that a big sneeze?" and then Ryan came running in from the bathroom wondering what the hell had just happened, and Sam said, "It wasn't me! It was Mommy!" and the two of us started laughing hysterically. Well, so much for getting calm before bedtime but it's always good to get in a big belly laugh for the day ;)

1/22/16 - Great 10 miles on the snowmobile trails at the Brad with Maureen today. Felt strong and happy, which is how all runs should be :)

1/23/16 - Love being cuddled up on the couch with a tired girl, reading books to her before bedtime. 

1/24/16 - Always good to spend the morning outside in the sun and snow with friends! TMR snowshoe race season kick-off today, and if you're not racing, volunteering is a fun alternative :) 

1/25/16 - Still light in the sky at 5:00 pm! 

1/26/16 - Beautiful sky and packed singletrack on this morning's run! 

1/27/16 - Love getting into bed and having Gigi jump up and give me nose kisses before settling in by my side, purring contentedly.

1/28/16 - "Easy peasy," said Sam tonight as she finished up her math homework. So glad that she loves school, enjoys doing her work and that homework is not a struggle to get through every night!

1/29/16 - Grateful to be able to spend a few hours a month volunteering in Sam's classroom. So neat to be able to get a glimpse into her day, get to know her peers and teacher, and watch her learn.

1/30/16 - Just plain enjoyed the whole day, complete with a happy kid, a good afternoon run down to the river and good energy all around.

1/31/16 - An early morning trail run with a good friend, always a great way to start a day!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Connector Fun

Met up with Amy early this morning for a run out on the Connector. No sunrise this morning due to overcast skies, but a lovely subdued palette on view between the white snow, brown brush and pale sky nonetheless. Warm and windless, and quiet on the trails, aside from the crunch of the snow beneath our feet and our chatter :) A good 6 miles to kick off the day!