Saturday, July 14, 2018

Enjoying the Tastes and Sights of Summer

Friday morning I had plans to get up early and go over to Bradbury but honestly, I wasn't really feeling it, so I relaxed a bit and had an extra cup of coffee instead, took Sam to camp, hit the farmer's market for some fresh produce and ripe berries and then headed out from home around 9:00 am onto the powerlines.

It was a beautiful morning, with warm sun shining overhead and a cool breeze blowing. My legs felt kinda dead so I took it easy, stopping often to enjoy the blueberries and raspberries that I found trailside, taking photos of the beautiful wood lilies, stopping to enjoy the deer leaping through the brush and the two Monarchs I spotted on the way back, flitting amongst the milkweed and spreading dogbane. So lovely. (8.0 miles)

Puddle frog

A new gnome marker...


Meanwhile, Sam was having a great time at camp, roasting marshmallows and hotdogs! Sounds fun to me!

This morning, I got out a little before 7:00 am and headed into the Cathance. Another nice morning, although a bit more humid than Friday. I headed past the Heath and down along the river, taking the trail out to Head of Tides. Took my time and just enjoyed the scenery, which included one deer, one wood frog, black raspberries out near Head of Tides (yum!), a few bullfrogs, lots of summer wildflowers and some blueberries too. Legs thankfully felt a bit more peppy today! (13.0 miles)

I had told Ryan and Sam about all the blueberries I found on a stretch of trail I don't normally traverse along the powerlines plus a new patch of wood lilies too, so after lunch we rallied to get Sam off the couch ;) and out for a walk around 2:00. It was kind of overcast and cool with a good breeze, perfect for walking. We saw lots of wildflowers including fireweed, spreading dogbane, swamp candles, bunchberries, rose rugosa, milkweed and of course wood lilies, blueberries and raspberries! We had a long stop early on to pick a good amount of blueberries and then continued on across Highland Green Road, enjoying the sweet smell of the hay-scented ferns and marveling at the cinnamon ferns as big as Sam! From there, we found a few nice patches of raspberries further along to snack on, finally turning around about 1.75 miles in. Also saw one Monarch! Yay! Sam did a great job, and it was a really nice afternoon for a walk and to stop and eat berries :) (3.5 miles walked)


Yum! Blueberries!

Wood lily

Swamp candle


Rose rugosa

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Early Mornings & Camp Fun

Tuesday morning I headed out on the powerlines in the hopes that I'd find some wood lilies blooming further down the lines in the open fields. It was a beautiful morning, with mist rising, the sweet smell of hay-scented ferns and milkweed in the air and birds calling. Raspberries are ripening and blueberries too. The field was dotted with a dozen+ orange and red wood lilies, set brilliantly against the greenery. So pretty. Mornings like this just make me happy. (6.5 miles)

Yesterday, I ran out into the Cathance, doing my regular loop in the opposite direction. Always interesting to see what you notice when you run a trail you know well but in a different way! Pretty morning. Enjoyed a subdued sunrise over the Heath, saw one deer, picked a few raspberries and blueberries and found a new few wood lilies blooming. (7.0 miles)

Meanwhile, Sam has been having an awesome week at Riverview this week for camp. Such fun! I wish I could go to camp for the week ;)

Monday, July 9, 2018

Good To Be Home

Always lovely to have a vacation, but it's always nice to be back home!

Got up and out early yesterday morning for a run out in the Cathance. It was perfect running weather - only 54 degrees, nice and cool and sunny. Ahhhh! Felt so nice! Saw three deer, enjoyed a few trailside raspberries and blueberries and enjoyed the quiet trails. (7.0 miles)

Sun rising over the Heath

Rose pogonias in the Heath

Rose Pogonia

First trailside raspberries of the season!

We spent the rest of the morning over at Bradbury for the first dirt race of the season. Sam was not a happy camper when I got her out of bed but she had a lot of fun running around, playing and helping at the finish line with Elise :) I manned the food table at the finish line and enjoyed having the chance to catch up with friends and runners as I cut up oranges ;) The Scuffle is such a nice race as it's short and ends early enough that we were able to head into Brunswick to enjoy a sushi and gelato lunch and then be home to relax for the afternoon! A good Sunday home!