Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Happy Spring! 🌷

Even though it's officially the first day of spring, there is a still a lot of snow on the ground around here and this morning's temperature was in the teens. Spring must still be on vacation ;)

Needless to say, it was a beautiful day and since I managed to shut off my alarm and go back to sleep for another 1 1/2 hours (oops!) and therefore didn't get in my morning run, I opted to leave work a little early and run down to the ocean this afternoon.

There was a bit of a breeze off the ocean but the sun was shining brightly and the birds were calling despite all the snow still covering the fields. I tried to push the pace a bit, given that this was essentially a flat as a pancake run, but my legs weren't quite in sync with my attempt at tempo ;) Still, I tried, and at least managed to keep things relatively brisk. A good way to welcome spring! Warm weather and dry trails, you can come anytime now :) (6.2 miles)

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Chasing A Number

Thankfully after looking rather green on Friday morning, Sam perked up enough for us to get out and run a few errands in the afternoon. I couldn't resist this big beautiful bouquet of pussy willows at the farmer's market. Bringing a bit of spring into the house since it most assuredly is still looking and feeling like winter outside!

Knowing Sam was feeling better made the weekend running easier but I will admit to being a bit tired and thrown off with the change in plans. Such is life, I know, and in the scheme of things most assuredly not a big deal, so I just knew I'd have to really work for it on Saturday and Sunday if I wanted to hit 50 miles this week, as the mid-week snowstorm and the decidedly meh run on Friday morning didn't do much to move me towards that goal. 

Saturday morning I got up and out around 6:15 am to get in my miles before Ryan headed over to Brad for his long run. It was chilly, and with a bit of wind, I was wishing I had worn a second pair of tights! Brrr. Headed out on the powerlines following the snowmobile tracks. Conditions were kind of messy with frozen crunchy uneven footing and lots of large frozen chunks churned up by the snowmobiles. Certainly not ideal. I ran this way and that looking for decent conditions and eventually just ended up turning around and heading back so I could finish out my miles with a loop around Highland Green. I did get to catch the sun rising through the trees though, which is always a treat. (10.0 miles)

Ryan had a really solid good run over at Bradbury later in the morning and told me conditions were pretty decent, although he did have to do a bit of wandering around to get in his 22+ miles. I was feeling a bit low on motivation despite my desire to get in my miles and decided that having to meander around in search of a way to get in my miles this morning, on variable conditions, was probably not the best for me on this day. So, in keeping with this cycle's 'all long runs are road runs' theme, I chose to run from home out to the ocean and through the back roads of Brunswick. I always enjoy my runs out through these quiet sections of town and thought it would be a nice change of pace from the roads around Brad and the hills of Topsham.

I set out around 7:15 and ran down Main Street, threw in one hill repeat up Oak Street just for the heck of it ;) and then ran over the swinging bridge across the Androscoggin and into Brunswick. It was cold - about 10 degrees - but bright and sunny. I zigzagged through town out the Pleasant Hill Road, where I saw Kevin and Nate running in the opposite direction about 5 miles in. Nate was like, what are you doing running roads? HA! ;)

Up and over the Pleasant Hill hills to Highland Road, where there were wide snow covered fields with a flock of turkeys grazing and bluebirds flitting on the wires above. Always so nice out there.

From there, I ran along the coastline, down to Maquoit Bay, past the marshes along Bunganuc, out to the Middle Bay, no longer ice covered, at Simpson's Point, and then back into town via Pennelville. Pussywillow was blooming on the road side and as always the vistas of the bays, especially on a bright, shimmery, sunny day, make me smile. 

The final few miles running through Brunswick and back home to Topsham were a bit of a slog, with the winds picking up and me feeling a bit tired, but overall, happy with how the run went and how I felt. And best of all, got that 50 miles for the week ;) (23.0 miles)

Now it is off to eat all the things!!  

Friday, March 16, 2018


Wednesday was yet another snow day as we got about 12" out of the storm and snow was still falling through the morning hours. Sigh... Work opened late, so I got out for a short run in the daylight before getting Sam over to Amber's for the day and heading into the office to catch up on things. It was still snowing lightly, the roads were still being plowed, and the powerlines, although traveled by one snowmobile, were essentially just deep powder. It was a messy, snowy run. (5.0 miles)

Back to winter

I took Thursday off as I was planning to head over to Brad on Friday morning to meet Anne and Val for part of their run and to get in my long run. Unfortunately, those plans changed early in the morning when Sam called out to me that her stomach was hurting and then about 10 minutes later threw up all over her bed and the floor. Double sigh... We got her cleaned up and back to bed, only to have her up throwing up again a little while later. Gah. Finally about 6:00, she fell back to sleep and since I was up anyway, and knew I'd be staying home with her for the day while Ryan headed to work, I quickly changed into my running clothes and headed out for a few miles. The powerlines had seen a little bit more snowmobile traffic and were in OK shape, but up and over Mt. A. and then around the Heath simply had not seen enough people to pack things well. Conditions were meh at best. But on the plus side, I did get to see a gorgeous sunrise over the Heath and through the trees. (5.0 miles)

Pastel sunrise

Glow through the trees

Morning light

Thankfully Sam seems to have perked up a bit and is holding some food down, albeit only Cheerios, applesauce and Gatorade, so I'm hopeful this will pass quickly and not along to the rest of us! I've spent the morning doing laundry, opening the back door to let fresh air in, cleaning the house and sanitizing all surfaces in the hopes to fending whether it was off!! Ah, parenthood 😁

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Calm Before the Storm

Another storm. Another snow day. Today's storm appears to be a very large, slow moving storm which is predicted to drop 12"-18" of snow today and into tomorrow. Ahhh, nothing like March in New England...

Waited until it was light this morning and then headed out at 7:00 am for a run before the snow started. The powerlines had had a lot of snowmobile traffic but the snow wasn't quite packed, it almost felt styrofoam-like. Very weird. No one had been up over Mt. A. so I took the road up to the Heath. There had been a fair amount of traffic, and things were fairly compacted, if uneven and a bit variable. The river was open, all the ice melted except along the banks, and overhead, the sky was overcast and rather ominous looking. My legs felt kinda creaky and cranky so instead of making the loop back on the trails, I took the new route out to the back dirt road from the field and ran the roads back to the powerlines before heading in. Finished up just as the flakes started to fall. (7.0 miles)

We are all home today with Ryan and I working and Sam amusing herself and hoping we can get out and play in the snow later today :)

Monday, March 12, 2018

Good Weekend Fun

Started off Saturday by cooking up some banana bread and cupcakes. I was feeling a bit lazy in terms of running but there was still things to be done, so couldn't just sit around and relax ;) So Danielle! Later in the morning after things were all out of the oven, I headed out for a run. I couldn't quite decide what shoes to wear or where to go or what I'd find, so I finally settled on the screwshoes in the hopes that I might get in some miles off-pavement. I was excited to find that the snowmobile roller had been out overnight on the trails, as had a few fat tire bikers, so the snow was just enough compacted to run on. Still soft in spots but doable! Hurray. I wouldn't have to run pavement after all! I headed out onto the powerlines to run the Lover's Lane loop. The backside of the loop is no longer accessible to snowmobilers due to a rotted out bridge, but there had snowshoe and ski traffic at least. It was nice to be out in the woods amongst the snow-covered trees for the morning. Always so pretty! (6.7 miles)

Later in the afternoon, we headed up to Keri and Tyler's for the night. Sam had fun playing with the girls and we always have a good time hanging out with them. Such fun. Pizza and laughter and a few drinks and then it was off to bed so we could get up early for the traditional Bad Idea Fat Ass over at Hidden Valley. I woke to a beautiful sunrise rising through the trees, and we all quickly ate and gathered gear and grumbled over the fact that it was daylight savings and was there more coffee? ;)

Then it was off to see what we were in for with the course ;) Keri and her two friends had skiied the course on Saturday and the trails had been groomed, with only a few spots of untracked singletrack. This meant things were pretty soft and not well packed, so the group of us donned our snowshoes and took off into the woods a little after 9:00 am. I laughed to myself when I realized that this was the first time I had worn snowshoes all season ;) Ha! It was slow going and in the soft snow, hard work. I ended up alone, a little behind the lead pack, on the first lap and same on the second. By the time I came in at the end of the second lap, Ryan was headed out, but with microspikes on. Emily was doing the same and asked if I wanted company. I happily took off my snowshoes and exchanged them for spikes, and we set off together. The sun was coming out and the day was warming up, and it was so much nicer without the snowshoes on my feet! Things were still a bit soft in spots but really, the spikes were a good choice and made the running easier and smoother. We had a fun few miles chatting and running together, and then I let Emily head off on loop #4 while I did a few short little loops closer to the barn to get my mileage to a nice round number :) Happy to finish up the week with a good run and get in 48+ miles. Definitely tired out there on the snowshoes but felt solid, so really pleased with that. (9.0 miles)

The rest of the afternoon was spent talking with friends, eating, watching the girls sled and snowshoe and color together, and just in general having a good time. Ryan ended up being the last one out on the course and getting 20+ miles. Woohoo! A very successful, fun, good tired kind of weekend!!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Snow Day Fun and A Random Run

After lunch yesterday, Sam and I got outside for some snow day fun with her friend Emma, who lives right in the neighborhood - climbing up the snow piles, sledding and sliding, and making colored snow. It was such a nice afternoon, the snow was perfect for sledding, and the girls had a blast!

After a while spent playing outside, the girls spent a little extra time at Emma's house while I did some shoveling, house cleaning and a little bit of relaxing on the couch too :) All in all, a solid snow day!

The plan called me to get in my long run today, but I wasn't sure what I was going to find. I dropped Sam off in the morning, did the grocery shopping and did a little driving around to check out road conditions. The back roads around us were all very slushy and messy, the back portion of Highland Green Road had yet to be plowed and the sidewalks through town were just starting to get cleared, so I decided I should stick with what Ryan and I had discussed the night before, which was laps on the bike path. It wasn't a fun sounding option but it would be a safe one.

I downloaded a few podcasts, packed up my vest, wore my trail shoes in case of slushy, slippery conditions and headed out into the sunshine from the bike path lot around 9:30 am. Right off the bat I didn't feel that peppy, it was windy, the traffic noise along Rt. 1 was loud even with my headphones in, and I knew by the time I got to the Old Brunswick/Bath Road end on that very first "out," that there was no way I was going to get through 8 x 2.5 mile laps on the path. Blerg. But I had the time and I needed to get in the miles due to the rest of the weekend's plans, so I decided I would venture out onto the road and see how things were, knowing if I could extend the out and backs a bit, it would make them more palatable and I'd have to do less repeats.

I was grateful to find that the shoulders on the road were pretty well cleared of snow and slush, so I continued on figuring I'd turn around at 3.5 miles. But when I got a little further out, the traffic thinned, the shoulders were still clear and on a whim, I just decided to keep going. I had never run far out on this road but knew Ryan had done so on some of his runs up to the Y from home, so I figured I would at least get to the spot where the road crossed the New Meadows River and take in the view before turning around.

It's rather unlike me to just enjoy a run where I don't have a fairly set plan of where I'm going. Usually my mind appreciates the heads-up on a route but today, with the Sally McRae Ginger Runner Live podcast playing in my ears, the sun shining, the traffic lessened as I got further out of town, I was just enjoying the journey. I took a photo at the river and sent it to Ryan to let him know I had altered my plans. Pretty spot.

New Meadows River view

Then I just kept running. After the river, the route got a bit more rolling and I was enjoying myself. I turned onto Ridge Road then onto Whiskeag Road, following the Bath golf course and crossing the Whiskeag River. It was a different view than can be seen along the Whiskeag Trail, and so lovely with all the ice chunks and the billowing clouds.

The Whiskeag

I got to a crossroads that I recognized from the 4 mile loop I've done a few times from the Y during swim practice and decided I'd continue on up to High Street. At this point I was getting close to 9 miles and also had to pee. I figured I'd run up to the Thorne Head parking lot and be able to sneak off into the woods there. So hard to pee on a road run especially one with lots of houses and traffic!

Of course, when I got to the lot, there was someone sitting in their truck, and another car pulled in right behind me. Hmmm. I noticed it looked like there had been a fair amount of traffic up the main trail to the overlook so decided I would meander up and just jump off into the woods to pee before turning around. But the trail was packed enough that I decided I would take it to the top and take in the view too! The trees were snow-covered and the snow beneath my feet was nice and tacky, and the view was gorgeous. Such a nice little out-and-back 1mile trail venture! And I got to pee too 😂😂

Thorne Head vista

Beautiful snow-covered woods

Tacky snow and footprints

Turns out, the vista was exactly 10 miles into my run, so all I had to do was retrace my steps, and voila! 20 miles! Totally unplanned route and not what I was intending for the day but it worked out well and was a fairly fun run. I listened to 3 podcasts to keep my mind occupied, and even though my stomach was feeling a bit wonky on the return trip and the legs didn't have a ton of pep, it was a solid run and I'm so glad to have gotten the miles in! (20.0 miles)

So far this training cycle, all of my long runs have been on the roads, which is rather unusual. It just hasn't been a great winter for long trail runs, or at least not on the days I've been trying to accomplish my miles. I don't quite know what this will mean overall for my Laurel training but I know the faster paced mileage probably isn't a bad thing, even though it leaves me with a little less time on my feet. I guess we'll just have to see how it goes, and I know I'll have a few months on trails once all this snow has melted to get in some long trail runs at least!

Looking forward to finishing off the week with a few mellow miles tomorrow and then some fun snowy miles up at Hidden Valley on Sunday! 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Back to Winter

Well, we are back to winter this morning...

Honestly, once the snowshoe series was done on Sunday, I just wanted all the snow to melt. I am ready for spring and running on dirt and flowers blooming! But let's face it, the reality is that March is still a winter month, and apparently spring weather is not quite yet in the plans! So, we will enjoy today's snow day and hope for some warm weather to melt it all away soon 😉

Tuesday morning I got out for a run down in the Cathance. I managed to run the first and last 1.5 miles without traction, as there was a bit of tackiness atop the ice/snow that remained and lots of bare ground running out towards the Heath, and then put on my Hillsounds for the middle portion of the run. As is typical right now, it was variable conditions out there but the majority of the trail sections still covered with snow are still packed enough to run comfortably on. Overcast morning. (6.2 miles)

Yesterday morning, it was back to the hills that I had put on my schedule. Mt. A. is still partially ice-covered and therefore not yet a good choice, so I decided to take Ryan's suggestion and go check out the water tower hill loop that he used last year in his VT 100 training. He tends to drive down to the mill and park there for his workouts, but adding on driving to my morning is just not a good use of my time, so I chose to run the 1.5 miles down to the start of Summer Street instead. The sidewalks were clear and there was little traffic so it wasn't a bad start to the run. The run up into Topsham Heights really is a good climb and the final stretch up to the water tower is most definitely a steep one! I did two loops with four climbs up to the tower and then headed back up the road toward home. I was happy with the run overall, as I was definitely working despite this mostly being a recon run to see how the hills and route were. I will definitely be back, as I think Ryan is right that it's as good a spot as any around here to get in hill work, and on a clear day, the sunrise would be beautiful along Summer Street looking out over the river and the mill! (6.6 miles)

Monday, March 5, 2018

Swim Season, #1

Yesterday was the Maine YMCA States meet up at U Maine Orono. It would be both Sam's first away meet and the final meet for the season. The meet is so large that they have five sessions split over 3 days, and the 8 & unders were slated for an 8:00 am warm-up start on Sunday. Since Sunday was also the final snowshoe races of the season, Ryan would be staying home and it would be a girl's adventure!

But, first a little catch-up...

Friday my parents were supposed to fly into town for a family friend's funeral on Saturday and to join us at Sam's swim meet on Sunday, but in the end, their flight ended up getting cancelled due to the crazy nor'easter :( The storm brought rain and a whole lot of wind to Maine, with the worst being bad coastal flooding, but further south it was much worse and the weather really messed up travel plans for the east coast all weekend long.

I didn't realize this when I woke up on Friday morning with plans to get in my miles before the weather hit. I only knew that Ryan had been snoring all night and Ronnie decided 1am would be a lovely time to yowl all night long and that I was tired and feeling cranky and did not want to be up and out early running. So I didn't. Unfortunately, the cranky feeling hung around all day and while I did accomplish all my errands and cleaning, and got up to Auburn to pick up prizes for Ryan for Sunday's snowshoe race, I also never ended up running. I could have gone when I got back home around 3:30 from picking up prizes, but it was raw and damp and overcast and wicked windy and I frankly was in no mood. The long view on this is that we are all have bad mood days and that is OK as long as we recognize it and can snap out of it, and that not running my 10 miles on Friday ended up being no big deal, but sometimes in the midst of it all, it weighs on you, and this meant that by evening, I was in a funk.

I knew my chances for get in my 10 miles had narrowed significantly since I didn't accomplish them on Friday, as Saturday morning Ryan needed to head to Brad to mark the course and by the time he got home, Sam and I would be headed up to Bangor. So when my alarm went off, I got myself out of bed and headed out into the dark and wind, because when push comes to shove, I can usually get things done even if I don't do them as originally intended. Due to the crazy winds, I decided to head out into the Cathance and take my chances with conditions. I ended up finding a bit of everything, from bare ground to ice to surprisingly decent packed trails, and the woods nicely protected me from the wind. It was too overcast for a good sunrise but the river was roaring.

I got in a nice loop on the trails and then tacked on some additional road and sweet sweet packed back dirt road and powerlines running at the end. I got back at 7:27, just in time for Ryan to head to Bradbury. (10.0 miles)

While Ryan was out, Sam and I got packed up, did some house stuff and picked up the soup from Frontier for Sunday's race (yum!). Then later in the afternoon after Ryan got home, we headed north. We got settled into the hotel and then went off in search of an early dinner. We ended up at Unami, a noodle bar in downtown Bangor, with a slightly funky interior but delicious food! Perfect!

Then we ended up at the Bangor Mall for Dairy Queen, did a bit of meandering around Claire's (a little girl's dream shop!) and headed back to the hotel for a quick shower, some bedtime reading and sleep!

We were up early on Sunday as warm-ups started at 8:00 and I honestly had no idea exactly where we were headed and how crazy it would be once we got there. Thankfully, after a stop at Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, it was smooth sailing up to the Memorial Gym and there was enough parking, that we were able to get fairly close. We followed the crowd through the gym to the locker rooms, where Sam thankfully found a few of her little swim friends, and with that, I was set free and wandered off to find the stands and a program. Of course, the stands were full already (apparently there was a line at 6:00 am?! WHAT!?) and the programs ended up being in the wrong order, but you know... After sitting out in the entrance for a while and looking at a revised program to find out when Sam would be swimming, one of the nice marshalls told me I could go up to the very top of the stands and sit on the top concrete rising step. OK then. I found a clear spot and sat on my jacket next to a parent who also happened to have a kid swimming for LRSC. The facility was pretty nice, despite the lack of seats and they did a really good job of announcing and keeping things moving along.

Sam's first event was the 50 free, and she did awesome, swimming a PR for 1:00:25 and looking strong! Her other two events, the 25 back and the 25 free, were not quite as speedy as her seed times, but what can you do? There are some seriously fast 8 year olds in the state of Maine, I must say, and some of the races were pretty exciting! All in all, a great experience, and I know that even though Sam was nervous before the meet, that she had a great time. Most of all, we are so proud of her for her effort and dedication this swim season. She has improved greatly and made some good little friends, and is already excited to head back to swim team in the fall :)

We were able to get out of there around 11:30 and stopped back in Bangor at Elevation Burger for a quick lunch before heading home. Thankfully, as it was a quick trip, there wasn't much unpacking to do, so after that and some laundry (it's never-ending, I tell you...), we relaxed for a bit until Ryan got home from the race.

Then it was my turn to head out and get some exercise for the day! I felt unsurprisingly sluggish, which I expected after fast food for breakfast and lunch and 5 hours of sitting, but I was thankful to be able to get out and get in a few miles to shake off all the travel and restore a bit of balance to the day. It was still quite windy and I found all manner of conditions along the cart paths. Ice, deep snow, mud, slush, water, some packed bare ground and everything in between. Also saw 10 turkeys and many deer tracks. (6.0 miles)

We capped off the day with a sushi dinner and gelato dessert in celebration of a successful, if tiring, weekend and were happy to all be together again :)

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Inside and Out

Wednesday ended up being an indoor track evening. Ryan was snoring and Ronnie was awake and yowling in the middle of the night and I just didn't sleep well, so instead of getting up with the alarm at 4:00 am, I stayed in bed and decided I would take one night out of the three that I'm up at the Y this week for swim practice and run on the track.

It was such a nice, warm, sunny day and it is staying light so late now that I probably could have run outside, but I wasn't forward enough thinking for that, and had only packed my indoor clothes, so 65 laps and the Shalane Flanagan Morning Shakeout podcast it was :) Tried to push the pace in the final few miles a bit, or as much as I felt comfortable with the tight turns and other people walking/running around me, and hey, my watch actually was somehow tracking the mileage, which only happens about 30% of the time indoors and said I ran over 5 miles in my 65 laps, so I will take it! ;) (5.3 miles)

Caught the final few minutes of practice after my run and it was just so cute to look down and see Sam swimming with her friend in the pool, partnered up with their kickboards, chatting away :) Such fun to see how much she has enjoyed this swim season - it has been a great experience!

This morning, I decided I would head down to the river again. I just can't resist. So much better than running on black ice on the pavement in the dark. Conditions are variable, for sure, but it was *just* cold enough that the snow was packed enough to run on and with the Hillsounds, the ice isn't much of a problem. More bare ground today though, definitely. No ice pancakes to be seen on the river and more of a soft glow on the horizon at sunrise instead of brilliant oranges and pinks, but beautiful nonetheless. (5.3 miles)

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


I don't run because of the races. Sure, they're great motivators, but really, I run for the process. The experience. The journey. The time spent on trails with friends. The time alone in the woods. For mornings like this, complete with a brilliant sunrise, ice pancakes and animal tracks. Glorious. 💗 (5.4 miles)

Sunday, February 25, 2018

A Little Bit of Everything

The past few days have featured a little bit of everything... 21 road miles on Friday, a good screwshoe run on the powerlines/snowmobile trail yesterday and a mixed bag Hillsounds trail run out in the Cathance this morning. It seems shoulder season has arrived early this year, but of course, as I type, snow is falling... crazy weather!

Friday morning I headed out around 7:00 am while Sam and Ryan were still asleep. I decided to do the same loop I had been attempting last Friday. It was a bit colder and windier, and admittedly, I felt a bit less peppy but nonetheless, the roads were in good shape and I was moving along fairly well. As with last week, I wasn't sure how I'd hold up in the final half of the run and although the hills along Meadow definitely made me work for it, I was able to keep things pretty steady pace-wise. Happy with the effort, and glad to get in a solid road run in right around 3 hours, but honestly, road running is rough - the pounding is real! 😏 My legs were most definitely tired when I finished and I managed to get a blister under my left pinkie toe.  I never get blisters!! 😁 In any event, a good way to kick off a Friday and good to have cracked 20 for the first time in this training cycle! Fauna-wise, I saw one bluebird out in the fields along Meadow Cross and two separate groups of 8 turkeys foraging in the fields on Meadow. Oh, and I most definitely ate the whole of this big, delicious cupcake after lunch 😀 (21.0 miles)


I got back in time to see Ryan and Sam off to the trampoline park for the morning. Sam had a blast jumping around and they finished up the excursion with lunch at Elevation Burger. A good excursion on the final day of winter vacation!


Lost in the tubes, somewhere...



Saturday morning, I got up and out for a creaky run around 7:30 am on the powerline/snowmobile trails out around the dump. The hail/sleet/little bit of snow that we got overnight made for a nice, tacky surface, perfect for screwshoe running. The rising mist and light were gorgeous, and with temps right around freezing, the trails were solid snow and ice, which actually made for some pretty decent running. Hadn't been out that way in a while and it was a nice change of pace. (8.0 miles)

Rising mist

Morning light

Through the trees

The afternoon was spent up at the Y for Sam's last regular season swim meet. Irene and Dana came up to watch too so she had a good cheering section, and she has most definitely improved since she started swim team back in the fall. It's been fun to see!

50 free

This morning, I got up and out around 7:30 am again for a run out in the Cathance. It was a full on mixed bag of conditions, from bare ground to large patches of ice, and packed snow to open water. Hillsounds were the weapon of choice and most definitely needed. The river was roaring and I even found a patch of ice pancakes mixed in with some foam - pancakes and syrup, anyone?! 😆 (7.0 miles)

Roaring river

Lots of ice and water

Along the river

Pancakes and syrup

The snow didn't start falling until around 10:00 am, right as Sam and I were picking up her friend Mazie to come back to the house for a playdate and shortly after Ryan headed out for his run. The snow started fast and furious, and hid some ice that he managed to hit and fall on. Ugh! 😔 That shortened his run up, but seems like he didn't do too much damage. This time of year, you just never know what the weather is going to throw at you! Which no doubt means it will be back to the 50s midweek this week 😂

Happy to finish up the week with a solid 47+ miles and extra happy that this coming week is a down week. I need it! 😀