Saturday, December 16, 2017

Week Day Snowy Cathance Running

Tuesday morning's run was a dark, snow in the face, kind of run. The snow had just started as I headed out the door. One of the power company trucks had been up to the top of Mt. A. the day before to check on the tower so there was a nice, packed, if slightly icy, track to the top. Then from the top over to the back road was the track from one snowmobile which connected to the groomed trail running down the backside. Not sure why the crazy grooming guy was out grooming 3" of snow after Saturday's storm but hey, I'll take it! Interestingly, there was one set of truck tracks on hole #3 following the cart path too, so I had a fairly packed route all the way to the Heath. And as there often is, there had been traffic on the trails, so all told, fairly decent early season conditions and plenty enough traction with just my screwshoes. Looped my way around in the dark and then tacked on another road mile by the high school to finish up the run. (5.1 miles)

Snow continued to fall throughout the day, accumulating a few inches, before turning to rain which then froze into a solid sheet of ice over everything overnight. Wednesday morning's run down to the river was a very crispy, noisy one, with lots of ice covered trees bowed down across the trail to make things a bit more interesting. It was slow going but the crescent moon above was shining brightly, and along the powerlines on the return trip, the red winterberries were encased in ice and oh so beautiful! (5.5 miles)

Along the river in the pitch dark

The ice-encased berries looked so pretty but were hard to photograph in the semi-darkness!

Thursday was a rest day. I do so love coming downstairs and sipping coffee in the darkness next to the lit Christmas tree :)

Quiet morning

Yesterday, Ryan and I both had the day off so we planned a morning run together for getting to the movie theatre to see the new Star Wars movie. Of course, temperatures were hovering around zero degrees so it took about 2 miles for my hands to warm up and three miles for my toes to warm up - brrrr! But it was gorgeous out along the river and with the sun shining through the ice-covered trees. Conditions were variable to say the least and it was slow going but it was fun to get out in the daylight and run with Ryan! (8.0 miles)

Roaring river

Pretty winter waters


Happy runners :)

Sunlit, snow covered trails

Lots of ice build-up already!

A few ice pancakes frozen into the ice

Following Ryan along the Ravine Trail

Blue skies and snow covered trees

Shimmering light

After an early lunch, we spent several hours in the theatre watching the movie - oh boy, was it good! - and then stopped to do a quick grocery shopping trip on the way home. It was nice to spend a Friday just having fun and not crossing things off my to do list!!

Sam's school was having a movie night last night, so I dropped she and Anne off and then since Mom and Dad are in town for an early Christmas celebration this weekend, the four of us went off to El Camino for dinner. What fun and oh so delish! What a great way to finish up the week!

While the kiddo is at movie night, the adults will play!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Weekend Fun

Got out yesterday morning for a random meander along the cart paths and down to the river. Kind of dreary out, but there are now two new bridges along hole #6 so no need for steel beam shenanigans! Yay! ;) (7.0 miles)

I spent the next few hours cleaning the house while Ryan and Sam did some Christmas shopping and then we met up for lunch and to get a Christmas tree! The tree is a little bit lopsided but it looks pretty good all decorated! :)

Snow fell throughout the afternoon and by the time I woke up this morning, there was a legitimate 3" on the ground. I couldn't resist getting in a few miles before heading up to Riverlands to hike with Sam while the rest of the TMR crew ran our annual Til We Meet in Hell end of the year run, so I headed out as the sky lightened. Running in fresh powder definitely takes a bit of effort but it was so beautiful! Ran a loop around the Heath and noted lots of animal tracks, enjoyed the soft pastel palette of the sky and the snow-covered trees. Very pretty morning. (4.5 miles)

We were a bit late in leaving and the messy roads slowed us down on the way up to Turner, but as I wasn't running, I didn't care ;) Emily, Sam and I hiked out onto the course to the starting point a 1/2 mile in and then Sam chose to hang out with Jamie and Ian and the kids and play in the snow while Emily and I did a full lap. We had fun chatting while we hiked along and it was great to see all the runners zooming by along the way! A fun singletrack loop in the woods on a snowy December morning. (3.2 miles walked)

We followed up the fun with lunch at Guthrie's which was delicious as always! A good weekend indeed!

Friday, December 8, 2017


I'm always thankful to have my Fridays to get things done, especially at this time of year when it seems like the to do list is a whole lot longer and things are a bit more harried. I managed to cross a number of things off my to do list today along with getting in a run and a good massage by my friend Lauren, which I really needed! Lots of knots and tights spots found today! Yes, these are "me" things but they are just as important, if not more important than getting the laundry done and the house cleaned. Good thing, as I ran out of time for the house cleaning ;)

Ryan took Sam to Amber's so I was able to get out the door around 7:45 am. I so appreciate being able to get in a daylight morning run and decided to head into the Cathance to enjoy the snowfree trails while I had the chance! Who knows if the forecast for Saturday will be right but if it is, it sounds like we will get enough snow to make the woods white!

Lots of water out in the woods today and not just flowing in the river! The ground is pretty saturated at the moment, with lots of puddles and enough moisture in the ground to start patches of hoar frost, and the river is running quite high from all the runoff. There was a thin layer of ice atop the waters of the Heath but otherwise, there was no other ice to be found. As I was keeping things nice and mellow today, I stopped often for photos and to take in the views. Very lovely out there today! (7.1 miles)

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Rough Start to the Week

Well, apparently, Sam must have had some sort of bug over the weekend that caused that wonderful pile of throw-up on Irene and Dana's carpet on Friday night, as both Ryan and Dana started to feel badly on Sunday, although thankfully they both just got stuck with nausea, Irene got sick on Monday and by the middle of the night on Monday, I wasn't feeling so hot myself.

Of course, Tuesday I was scheduled to be in Portland all day for a conference for work, so even though I felt horrible, I decided to go anyway. I'm stubborn like that, and honestly I thought I'd snap out of it. And then, with about 15 minutes left in the breakfast/keynote speaker presentation, I realized I had better get to the bathroom pronto. And yes, indeed, I did throw up in the bathroom of a hotel at a conference. Yay me. Gah. Not what I had planned for the day for sure. Needless to say, I went home and spent the rest of the day on the couch.

Thankfully, the conference episode rid me of whatever ailed me, and after an afternoon of rest and a bit of food, I felt well enough to go to work on Wednesday, although I was still pretty tired and my stomach didn't want its typical fare. But I was feeling good enough last night to lay out my clothes for a run this morning.

My legs apparently didn't appreciate the unplanned four day break from running and the lack of calories the past few days though. Ha. This morning's run was a bit creaky but it sure did feel good to get out! Got in a shortened tour of the cart paths in the dark, bypassing the bridges that were out this time around ;) (5.1 miles)

Sunday, December 3, 2017

This Week’s Adventures

The miles are a bit more hard fought when it's 18 degrees out and dark, like it was on Tuesday morning, oh, and there are two bridges out along your route! 😬

There is a fine line between being brave and stupid/reckless, but I didn't fall, so I'm going to say it all worked out fine ;) Besides, there's nothing like some steel beam crossings in the dark to keep things interesting!! Thankfully the rest of the run was quiet and uneventful, with one porcupine seen and some lovely (very) early morning light on the horizon. (5.1 miles)

Wednesday morning, I didn't quite get up and out, so instead I snuck in a few miles in the afternoon before taking Sam to swimming. It was a blustery, warm afternoon with a few raindrops falling and some gorgeous late afternoon light seen across the blueberry fields. My legs were a bit heavy from sitting all day and starting out without any sort of stretching or exercises, but glad to have had the chance to have gotten in a few miles! (4.4 miles)

Friday, I met up with Keri and Val at the Brad for a few morning miles. It was an overcast but very balmy first day of December and we had a good run looping out on the new trail up past Lawrence Road and catching up along the way. Always good to run with friends! (8.1 miles)

Ryan and I spent Saturday crewing and cheering on our Trail Mondter friends at the TARC Fells Race. I said I’d never go back to race but being there as spectator and crew was fun :)

Around 1:00, I headed out for a loop of the course. I’d love to run some other trails in the reservation but I don’t know my way around and there are so many intersecting trails, I’d probably get lost for days ;) So following the white blazes it was! I took my time and meandered at a slow pace, cheering on runners, stopping to talk to Carolyn and Samantha at the midway aid station, hiking the hills and taking in the views. Feeling fairly decent but one lap of the Skyline Trail was more than enough for me! (7.8 miles)

Congrats to everyone for some great races, especially Emily for her speedy 40 and Ian too!!

While we were out, Sam helped Dana and Irene decorate their tree and then after dinner, we drove around to enjoy some of the Christmas lights, including one crazy house that had some serious lights up! Wow!!

Of course, there was also Sam throwing up randomly in the middle of the night on Friday night all over Dana and Irene's wool rug to keep things interesting and real, but you know, we wouldn't want things to get too boring 😂😁  Thankfully, she was fine otherwise!! But still...

In any event, it was a fun week overall! And because the yearly "which word do you use most" posts are coming out on Facebook, I joined in on the fun and this is what came up. I'd say it's just about right :) And I do so like that "crazy" is right next to "friends," because after all, who wants normal friends?! ;)