Friday, August 31, 2018

Soaking Up the Last Bits of Summer

We're off for a final summer hurrah up in Acadia shortly. School starts on Tuesday and my work schedule goes back to normal after several even shorter than normal weeks filled with lots of travel and fun long weekends but it's all good. It would get boring if it stayed the same all the time, and I sure am looking forward to the crisp fall mornings and brilliant foliage. But before that, gotta soak of up those last bits of summer while they last, humid air and all!


Wednesday morning got out for a run around Highland Green. Warm but somehow seemed less oppressively humid than it has been. Either it truly was, or I've just gotten used to it?!? Wore a headlamp for the first mile... losing daylight quickly these days... and caught the start of a glowing sunrise before starting in on my 10 x 60 on/90 off for the middle three miles. I guess it was #workoutwednesday? Or at least #attemptatspeedwednesday 😉 (5.0 miles)

Thursday I was off again. I know, it's a rough life! But I swear I'm not just sitting around eating bonbons, even if that does sound lovely! Dropped Sam off at Amber's for a day with her friends and then headed over to the field house to run out through the Commons to Coleman Farm. Yes, I suppose that time spend running was a bit frivolous but I swear I made up for it with the rest of my day! Grocery shopping, return library books, recycling to the transfer station, 3 loads of laundry, remake the bed, make banana bread for the weekend, make dinner for the evening, clean the bathrooms, dust, and vacuum the rest of the house, get the camping stuff packed up and into the car... then off to get Sam so we could head to the school ice cream social... then home to eat dinner, get the kiddo clean and pack clothes for the weekend. Let's just say I was in bed early 😂 but it's all worth it!

Thursday morning's run was insanely humid and there was simply no air movement. Oppressive. Gah. But on the plus side, the fields were filled with sweet smelling wildflowers and a stop mid-run to look out across the bay is always lovely! A bit of rain fell around mile 6, which felt good, and it really didn't matter because I really couldn't have gotten any wetter! (8.0 miles)

This morning I snuck out for a few miles out in the Cathance. Only 56 degrees - ahhh! So lovely. The misty Heath was filled with cotton sedge blooming, the sunrise was glowing and I scared up two deer on the trail. Great way to start the day! (6.0 miles)

Monday, August 27, 2018

Wolfe's Neck Weekend

Friday morning, I headed out for a run along the powerlines. An overcast but cool morning, filled with pinks and purples. Nice and easy after Thursday's long run, and followed up by a lovely massage from my friend Lauren. Ahhh! (5.6 miles) Then, after some cleaning and packing, it was off to Wolfe's Neck for our annual camping weekend with friends. 

This is the 6th year we've gathered at Wolfe's Neck to camp for a long weekend at the end of August. This year, 25 years after we started at Bowdoin, I feel incredibly lucky to be able to spend time with and still be in touch with such great friends, as we spend the weekend eating, running, laughing, enjoying the sunrises, sunsets and moonrises, sitting around the campfires together, and in general just enjoying being together 💗 Always a good time!

Sun starting to set on Friday night

Lots of monarchs flitting about!

The girls love Maya! 

Pastel sunset




Fog rising, Saturday


Sam woke up early and we headed down to the beach to take in the sunrise


Me and my girl

Enjoying some summer beers together by the fire

Birthday shenanigans!

Happy Birthday, Peyron!

Chatting around the fire

Sun rising, Sunday

Another morning enjoying the sunrise along the beach

The kids had a blast playing together all weekend!

Building a seaweed and gravel mountain ;)

Sunflower at the farm

Lots of walks with Maya!



Such a cool sky


Monday morning run views, Wolfe's Neck State Park


Final hugs with Maya

Happy kids, tired dog ;)

On Saturday morning, a big group of us went out for a run, doing a short loop in the park and then running down along Flying Point out past Joan's house, through the fields and along the ocean. Tired miles are always better with friends and it was great to spend time chatting away as we ran along :) (10.0 miles)

Sunday was a much needed rest day as I hit 50.2 miles for the week, but this morning, I headed out solo around 6:45 am to enjoy the park trails and run the newly worked on trail running along the backside of the farm property. A good mix of rooty trails and gravel roads to start off the week and finish up a great weekend of camping! (6.2 miles)