Sunday, August 19, 2018

NJ Weekend Fun

We headed down to NJ Thursday evening to celebrate Gavin's 5th birthday with the family. It's a long drive but it's always great to spend time with everyone!

Friday morning we met up with Irene and Dana at breakfast and then they drove over to Meg and Chris's apartment with Sam while Ryan and I ran there. For city running, it isn't all that bad as there is a nice path - the Hudson River Walkway - along the river, interspersed with lots of little parks, etc. However, although the route wasn't bad, the weather was. The humidity was insanely oppressive and there was an active heat advisory too. We could feel the heat emanating up from the concrete and the air was so heavy it was simply weighing us down. Ugh. We trudged along, soaked and cranky and just plain not enjoying it. We did get to see a cute little red-eared strider turtle crossing the walkway though, which was the only wildlife sighting aside from the geese, cormorants and gulls along the water. We took the shortest route we could find to their apartment and then walked back around the corner into a store to get two drinks each. Yay running! Yay NJ! Yay summer! 😬😩😐 (6.3 miles)

Hazy views

Turtle crossing

Cranky Snowman ;)

The rest of the day was filled with family fun, but every time we walked outside we were sweating, even moving at a very leisurely walk! Gah!

Cute kids

Sam, Grammie and Auntie Meg got pedicures! No, I did not ;)

Sam and I helped Meg make, frost and decorate the cupcakes for Gavin's party. All 60 of them!

To keep the peace, we let each kid frost and eat one cupcake ;) 

Batman cupcakes lookin' good!

Saturday was the birthday party, at the Turtle Back Zoo. It is a really neat zoo with a lot of fun exhibits and small enough to enjoy and not be too overwhelming. It was once again hot and humid but the kids had fun. The rest of us got sweaty running around after them ;)

The penguins were too quick to capture fully with Sam ;) but I like the photobomb in the lower left corner ;)

I loved the African penguins!

Sam and Ryan took a train ride while I ran around trying to keep Cam from running off :)

We went back to their apartment after the party to open presents and have dinner, and then all collapsed into bed at 8:30 :)

I got up early to get in another run along the river, heading out a few minutes before 6:00 am. It was fairly cool and overcast. Still humid but with much less smog and haze than on Friday. There was also quite a breeze, which was lovely on the way back and quite intense as a headwind on the return trip! The rain also started soon after I turned around so I once again finished soaked but overall, it was a much more pleasant experience than Friday's run and I was able to run much faster. I ran out a bit beyond the 9/11 memorial and then turned around and ran back to the hotel. The thing that surprised me most was that in the six miles, I only saw six people out on the Walkway! Crazy. Despite being a city with so many people, apparently there aren't a lot of early birds 😂 (6.1 miles)

9/11 memorial

We took off after breakfast and made it home around 3:30. Now it's time to get ready for work and camp! Onward and upward!

Thursday, August 16, 2018


Crazy that it is the middle of August! This summer has been flying by and with the next few weekends full of activity, it's going to be September and back to school before we know it. Sunrise is already getting later and later each morning so I know fall is around the corner even if at the moment it sure doesn't feel like it! The beginning of this week was warm and humid again. Ugh. I most certainly am looking forward to the cooler, crisp days of autumn!

Tuesday morning dawned gray and overcast. And humid, of course ;) Ran Highland Green Road with the middle three miles a focused effort at 'speed.' This is all relative of course, but I did manage to run into the 7:5x's for the 2nd two middle miles. Haven't seen the low side of 8:00's in a while so that was nice. Felt decent. One Great Blue Heron seen. No sunrise. (5.0 miles)

Wednesday I headed out into the Cathance for a mellow meander. Not sure if it was raining or if it was just so humid it felt like it! ;) Either way, it was soggy, the bog bridges were extremely slippery and there were mushrooms everywhere. Apparently they like this ridiculous weather at least! :) (6.0 miles)

This morning, I headed over to the Brad for my long run. We're headed to NJ this evening for a long weekend to hand out with family and celebrate Gavin's birthday. We'll get in some miles while we're there but there isn't time for a long run so this morning it was! Thankfully I've got enough time off to allow for a few extra days here and there!

Yet again, it was insanely humid, and rather overcast. On the plus side, many many mushrooms to be seen!

Miles 3 to 5 ended up involving some unexpected course pick-up from the Breaker. Man, those signs and flags get heavy when you are carrying two armfuls and trying to run!! ;)

Got in 5 on the mountain side and then headed over to the east side for 5 more miles before realizing I still had a bit of time to get before Val and Anne arrived to join me for the second half of the run. Ran up and back a few times on the Northern Loop to get in 11 before taking a short break at the car to change shirts, refill water and gels and try to clean up a bit. Ha! So happy to have Val and Anne join me for the final miles! It was great to catch up and it helped keep me moving ;) We ran the new BBU west side course. The powerlines were pretty overgrown, which was not super fun, but we did scare up about a dozen turkeys and there were tons of wildflowers to be seen. All in all, a solid run. I finished absolutely soaked and tired :) (20.4 miles)

On the home front, we've had a set of fox kits visiting out back. One of them will come and sit right down and chomp away on the birdseed and nuts that I put out :) So adorable!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Weekend Fun

Saturday morning, Emma joined me here for a Cathance run. Amazingly, in all our years of being friends, she had never been to our house and it was fun to show her the trails I run and love! It was only 59 degrees, which felt heavenly, but I still ended up completely soaked as it was a damp, humid morning despite the cooler temps. We ran down along the river and out onto the Blueberry Loop. Lots of mushrooms, and a stop on the powerlines to pick a few yummy blackberries too. Great to catch up with Emma, and I was happy to have my legs feeling decent after my Camden run on Friday. (10.0 miles)

This morning was the second Brad dirt series race, the Breaker. It rained on and off all morning, but was fairly cool, which was a nice change from how hot it typically is during this race! Sam had fun playing with Jenn's kids and I, as always, enjoyed chatting with everyone before, during and after the race. A fun morning!

Sam and I headed home a little before 1:00 to get some lunch and relax on the couch. It's surprising how tiring it is to be social and stand on your feet volunteering for 4 hours at a race!! ;) Once Ryan got home, I headed out for my own run around 3:00. The legs were feeling a bit heavy and although it was still cool, the sun was trying to peek through the clouds, making it feel a bit steamy and heavy out. Kept it nice and easy and got in a nice lollypop down to the river and back. (5.5 miles)

Happy to finish up the week at a little over 41 miles, and hoping to continue the trend for the next few weeks!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Beautiful Camden Morning

A beautiful day for a meander amongst the Camden hills! Bright blue skies, a nice breeze and no oppressive humidity! Lots of mushrooms, one grouse, a few toads and some gorgeous views. Then it was off to Moose Crossing to pick up some bright and colorful flowers for prizes for Sunday's Breaker and to get an ice cream at Round Top on the way home 😉🍦 (14.5 miles)

Maiden Cliff

Climbing up the ridge

Blues and greens

Zeke's Lookout

Bald vista

Pearly Everlasting

Sweeping views atop Cameron

Ocean Lookout, and had it all to myself!

Just off Megunticook

Lots of mushrooms today!

A car full of flowers 🌸