Sunday, August 5, 2018

Hot in the Summer...

Didn't get in what I had intended on Friday. Had originally planned on going up to Camden for a long run/hike, but obviously wasn't feeling super enthused about it as I just didn't get out of bed early enough to make it happen, so instead I got Sam to camp, hit the farmer's market and then took off from the field house for my run around 8:30.

It was already warm and with no clouds in the sky, the sun was really beating down. I ran roads out to the edge of the Crystal Spring Farm trails and then looped around on the trails up to the farm. By 5 miles in, I was already feeling rather roasty toasty. I stopped in the shade to admire the monarchs flitting about and texted Ryan. One more short loop along the edge of the farm and across the street and then I headed back to the car instead of continuing on. It wasn't terrible in the shade but out in the fields and on the roads, exposed to the sun, it just wasn't all that pleasant. I can admit that I just honestly didn't have it in me to grind it out all morning in the heat, which is slightly disappointing but it is what it is. In the end, happy to stop when I did as it only got hotter later in the morning! Whew, summer is certainly packing a punch these days! (9.0 miles)

Sun drenched fields

Yesterday, we headed down to MA for the day as Meg, Chris and the kiddos were up visiting Irene and Dana. I snuck out early for a run before we left but not early enough to make up the miles I didn't run on Friday. At 5:00 am it was 69 degrees, 100% humidity and a dew point of 69. Just not pleasant. At all. I ran the cart paths with a loop down along the river thrown in the middle. Got in 8 incredibly soggy miles and was feeling super cranky about the weather and myself for not getting in the miles I wanted. Also, stupid deer flies! Gah. I really do love running but some days, it's more of a struggle than I'd like! On the plus side, all this humidity makes for a lot of colorful mushrooms, saw three deer, and enjoyed a few blueberries and blackberries along the powerlines in the final mile. (8.0 miles)

After a quick shower and breakfast, we were out the door before 8:00 am to head south. The weather was looking iffy for the day, so as soon as we arrived, we quickly suited Sam up in her bathing suit and headed over to Bradley Palmer to the wading pool/splash pad that they have put in there. I don't think I've ever actually seen it up and running with the water going ;) Usually we are running by in the early hours before it opens or in the winter when it is not in use. It's a cute area, more suited to Gavin and Cam than Sam, but the kids had fun for a bit until the rain started!

Back at the house we had lunch and hung out for a bit until a break in the rain, at which point we suited the kids up into the swimsuits again and sent them outside for a bit of sprinkler fun!

We hung out until after dinner and then made our way home. We were all tired but it was a good day and we were treated to a glorious sunrise as we came through Portland. So pretty!

This morning, I got up early again and out into the fog for a short run before we head out on a family hike. Still 100% humidity but only 63 degrees which helped it not seem so oppressive, and I was thankful to feel good out there after feeling so blah the past few days, even if I still finished up soaked! Pretty sunrise on the back of the Highland Green loop through the fog. (5.0 miles)

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