Monday, August 6, 2018

Ragged Mountain Hike

Turned out to be a beautiful day for a hike! We headed up to the Georges Highland Path trailhead near Mirror Lake and hiked up and around Ragged yesterday. By the time we got started it was around 9:30 am. Under the tree cover in the woods and through the first steep climb up to the viewpoint of Mirror Lake, it felt pretty warm and a bit muggy, but higher up there was a nice breeze along the rocky ledges.

Sam did a great job and it was a fun mountain to hike. We looped around the back of the summit on the GHP and then ducked into the woods on the Red Diamond Trail and took a connector path back to the summit with the communications tower before heading back down the way we came. Sam loves rocks and ledges so she really enjoyed the extra loop at the top!

With all our stops to pick blueberries, count mushrooms, take in the views, have snacks, etc, we ended up being out there for about 5 hours, so we definitely felt the heat but the humidity was fairly low so it ended up being a pretty nice day to be out! A good summer day out on the trails! (5. 8 miles hiked)

So many mushrooms!

Mirror Lake viewpoint

Looking out to Spruce and Pleasant in the distance

One of two snakes seen

Indian pipe

This one looked like a powdered donut!

We stopped at Moody's for a very late lunch and pie on our way home ;)

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