Saturday, September 29, 2018

Bike Path

Yesterday, it was rainy and dreary and I just plain didn't feel like running. My mind was just not in the right place. The Kavanaugh debacle is not helping either... So, I didn't. Instead I ran around all day getting groceries, doing errands, cleaning the windows, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, taking the recycling to the transfer station, doing laundry, going to the library... Sometimes it just feels good to knock things off your to-do list and that was what I did today. My watch said I got over 15,000 steps, with no run! Yup, I don't do much sitting around on my Fridays 😂😁

But this morning when the alarm went off, I got up and leisurely made my way downstairs, eating breakfast, drinking coffee, doing my exercises, stretches and push-ups and finally heading out a little after 6:30 am once the sky had started to lighten. It was in the mid-40s, perfect weather for shorts, long sleeves and gloves as I made my way down Main Street.

Mile 1 is mostly flat - 8:26 with a stop at the light, Strava says 8:09 moving time
Mile 2 is essentially all downhill with a small rise at the end up to the bridge over the Androscoggin - I looked down and saw 7:53, and thought... hmmm, maybe I keep up the under 8:00 pace for the next 4 miles... that would be a good way to work this run...
Mile 3 - The sun and fog are rising over the river. It is simply glorious. I stop twice to take photos. I can't not. Watch reads 8:23. Darn, might have missed sub-8:00. I resolve to pick it up for mile 4. Strava says 7:48.

Mile 4 - It is truly beautiful along the river. I could stop every few feet to take a photo of the fog rising over the water. A cormorant sits on a rock, surrounded by fog. A person in rowing along the river, engulfed in fog. If I had a good camera, I could have taken some beautiful shots this morning! But I don't stop, instead I just take it all in... 7:50.
Mile 5 - I've turned around and it's a bit downhill. The fog is clearing. Still feel good. 7:34.
Mile 6 - A bit of an uphill back up to the bridge. Definitely having to work a bit now. 7:41.
Mile 7 & 8 - OK, we can ease up now... Uphill. 8:18 and 8:07.

This route is a good one for a faster paced run, which is what I had planned for this morning, but didn't anticipate those middle 5 miles. Maybe my "speed workouts" are working, or maybe it's just because it's pavement and it's dead flat. Regardless, I'll take it, and am happy to have felt good while doing it! And truly a beautiful morning to be out! (8.0 miles)

Friday, September 28, 2018

Late September

Got out Monday morning for a run on the cart paths. A nice crisp morning cool enough to warrant gloves, complete with a glowing sunrise and four deer seen. After Sunday's long run, I was happy to have my legs feel fairly decent. (5.1 miles)

Monday evening was XC practice, and to keep things interesting we had the kids do laps on the 3/4 mile bike path. I did a mix of laps and cheering and cajoling 😆 (2.3 miles)

Tuesday morning I simply did not want to get out of bed. It was only 39 degrees out and staying nice and cozy in the warm sheets just seemed like a better idea! So, instead, I ran on the track during Sam's swim team practice. Yup, first practice of the season and I was already on the track! 😜😅 65 laps listening to Mario's Morning Shakeout podcast with Lauren Fleshman. (5.0 miles)

Wednesday, it was Sam's turn to run with her second XC meet of the season at Royal River Park down in Yarmouth. Irene and Dana came up to cheer, which was great, and it turned out to be a sunny, if muggy, afternoon despite the earlier threat of thunderstorms. Topsham Tides is a small but mighty team and it's always fun to watch the kids run! Sam did a great job running up the big hill midway through the course and putting up a good fight at the end!

3/4 milers!

Yesterday morning, I got in a nice run around the Heath, but gah, I used my headlamp for the whole run. Dark mornings now, for sure! Four pairs of eyes seen along the way (just deer though 😎). (4.6  miles) Followed up the run with a massage from the lovely Lauren before heading into work, which is always welcome!

And now it's on to the weekend!

Sunday, September 23, 2018


Happy fall! I love this time of year and it is so wonderful to have some cooler, crisper weather after all the crazy humidity of this summer!

I was going to do my long run on Friday but Val asked me if I wanted to join she and Mindy for a run up at HVNC with Keri. I originally declined, as I felt I should stay close to home, get my run in and get stuff checked off my to do list, but thankfully I have a wonderful husband who said, just go! You can get your long run in over the weekend. I am so glad I listened! It was the perfect morning, cool and sunny, and we had a great mellow meander along the HVNC trails, chatting and catching up and hearing about Mindy and Val's crewing adventure for Ian and Emma in the 100 Mile Wilderness. Before we headed back to the parking lot, we took the trail out to the bog and admired all the pitcher plants and cotton sedge growing amongst the moss and cranberry plants, which were starting to take on their reddish autumnal hues. So pretty. Then to finish up the morning, we drove out into the middle of nowhere and had an amazing lunch at the Sheepscot General Store. YUM! So great to share a morning with friends! (7.9 miles)

Some sort of rattlesnake plantain?

Taking in the view :)

Sweet little stretch of singletrack

New water pump!

Pitcher plants in the bog

Bog laurel

Autumnal bog

Such cool plants!

Sheepscot General Store

 Saturday morning, I set my alarm, got up and ate breakfast and even did a few stretches, but I was not feeling enthused at all, in fact I was plain out just not wanting to run. So instead of heading out the door to run 20+ miles, I crawled back into bed instead and fell asleep for another 1 1/2 hours! Guess I needed it. And so, Saturday turned into a rest day. Got some things done around the house and then Sam and I went apple picking after lunch to celebrate fall while Ryan went out for his run. It was a beautiful day, if breezy, and the trees at Rocky Ridge Orchard were loaded with apples! Always fun to spend time with my girl and if it involves apples and cider donuts, even better 💗

So many apples!🍎

My sweet girl 😍

This morning, I did actually get up and out for my long run  😉 It was gloriously fall-like. Only 40 degrees, crisp and clear, and perfect for long sleeves and gloves! Ahhhh. Heavenly. I did a rather random meander around home, hitting the cart paths first, doing a loop on the sidewalks through Highland Green and then heading out into the Cathance to Head of Tides and across the street to the Highland trails before finishing up with a final few miles on the pavement before heading home. The run was filled with glorious sunshine, bright blue skies, quiet trails, one deer, sweet smelling ferns and lots of purple asters. My legs were a bit tired, and I definitely need to retire these shoes, but all in all, a good run. I did have my headphones in for this run, listening to three podcasts along the way, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to get things done! (22.0 miles)

Mist rising along the Cathance

Sweet purple asters 

Highland Trails

Thursday, September 20, 2018


Monday morning was six dark, damp, misty, miles on the cart paths. It's definitely been cooler this week but there is still a mugginess in the air. Saw one deer and had the headlamp on for over half the run. (6.0 miles) This was followed up by a run with the XC team in the late afternoon at the paved paths near the swinging bridge. Not a ton of extra mileage for the day, but enough to count 😉 (0.9 miles)

Wednesday morning, I got up and out on Highland Green for some speed. Another dark, overcast, foggy morning. Ran 13x 60 on/90 off in the middle four miles. Longer speed intervals would probably be useful but I've decided I like this workout and since I'm not going for torturing myself too much here, I'm going with the something is better than nothing saying in this case 😆(6.0 miles)

Work has been crazy lately and Wednesday we had an audit plus a 3:00 finance committee meeting. Ryan was able to pick Sam up at school and get her to Twin Brook for her first XC meet and I had told her I wouldn't be able to make it. But I was really hoping the meeting would end early enough for me to get down there! Of course, it ran late 😁 but at 4:28, Ryan said they were still on the walk-through so I headed down there anyway, with fingers crossed. As I pulled up, I saw some girls rounding the bend toward the finish and knew I had either missed Sam or it was going to be really close, so I sprinted across the parking lot and through the field and saw her through the trees and was able to cheer her on for the last 200 yards of the race. A big smile broke out on her face when she saw it was me cheering, and that was all I needed! So glad to have caught that finish and so proud of my girl for running strong right up until the end!

She said she caught the girl looking back right before the finish chute 😎

 Despite feeling fairly worn out, I did actually manage to get out of bed this morning for a run. Ran out on the powerlines into the darkness, enjoying the sweet smell of the hay-scented ferns en route. Saw three deer but once again, for the third early morning run in a row, no sunrise. Lots of overcast skies this week! Oh, and yes, dark for 4 miles too 😫 I love fall but returning to running in the early morning darkness is rough! Took it nice and easy. (7.0 miles)

Another afternoon of XC practice, this time with some hill loops in the middle of the run. Gotta tire those kids out! (1.2 miles)

Looking forward to running with friends tomorrow and then my long run on Saturday!

Sunday, September 16, 2018


Sat around and ate breakfast and drank coffee on Saturday morning before heading out to run around 7:30 am. It's rare that I sleep in anymore, mostly because of the cats 🐱, but it's at least nice to have the option to laze around for a while instead of having to get right out to run! It was a damp, foggy, misty morning. Lots of spider webs, and a few colors popping up in the trees and in the Heath too. My legs were feeling pretty tired from Friday's long run so I kept it nice and easy. A good way to finish up a solid week! (7.0 miles)

Misty morning web 

Ryan is feeling under the weather and Sam is finally feeling better from the cold she picked up at the start of school, so Ryan stayed home on the couch after lunch while Sam and I headed over to the Swinging Bridge to check out the new new location for XC practice. Head of Tides is a great place to run but there were a few safety issues there, mainly due to parking and crossing the road, so the rec department decided to shift us over here. Honestly, there are a few safety concerns in this location too, but hey, I'm just a helper. Sam and I walked across the bridge to take in the view and checked out the rocks along the river (neither of which we'll be doing at XC practice!) and then walked up and back along the paved bike path, popping beans on the jewelweed plants along the way. After the misty start to the day, the skies cleared and temps rose and it was quite lovely being out for a walk! (1.4 miles walked)


Today was a rest day so it was another leisurely start to the day, which was lovely. Anne came over around 10:00 and I took the girls out for donuts. Doing the zero day right 😉🍩💗


Then it was off to Claire's to get Sam's ears pierced! Her birthday present a few weeks early 😍 Anne provided wonderful hand holding support, which was downright adorable!


Looking so grown up with her new pierced ears!