Friday, September 28, 2018

Late September

Got out Monday morning for a run on the cart paths. A nice crisp morning cool enough to warrant gloves, complete with a glowing sunrise and four deer seen. After Sunday's long run, I was happy to have my legs feel fairly decent. (5.1 miles)

Monday evening was XC practice, and to keep things interesting we had the kids do laps on the 3/4 mile bike path. I did a mix of laps and cheering and cajoling 😆 (2.3 miles)

Tuesday morning I simply did not want to get out of bed. It was only 39 degrees out and staying nice and cozy in the warm sheets just seemed like a better idea! So, instead, I ran on the track during Sam's swim team practice. Yup, first practice of the season and I was already on the track! 😜😅 65 laps listening to Mario's Morning Shakeout podcast with Lauren Fleshman. (5.0 miles)

Wednesday, it was Sam's turn to run with her second XC meet of the season at Royal River Park down in Yarmouth. Irene and Dana came up to cheer, which was great, and it turned out to be a sunny, if muggy, afternoon despite the earlier threat of thunderstorms. Topsham Tides is a small but mighty team and it's always fun to watch the kids run! Sam did a great job running up the big hill midway through the course and putting up a good fight at the end!

3/4 milers!

Yesterday morning, I got in a nice run around the Heath, but gah, I used my headlamp for the whole run. Dark mornings now, for sure! Four pairs of eyes seen along the way (just deer though 😎). (4.6  miles) Followed up the run with a massage from the lovely Lauren before heading into work, which is always welcome!

And now it's on to the weekend!

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