Monday, June 25, 2018


Friday was Sam's last day of third grade. The whole school week was filled with fun activities like a 3rd grade picnic, a walk to Dairy Queen and field day. Sounds like a great way to finish up the year to me!

Wet sponge toss at field day ;)

Field day fun

We got a really nice note from Sam's teacher telling us how much she had enjoyed having Sam in class this year. "I just love her smile and the laughter she brings to each day. She is lovely." 💗 We are truly lucky to have such a great kid and are so proud of her for all that she does, how hard she works and her overall attitude, despite the times here and there when she drives us nuts 😆 It's amazing how much she has grown, and wow, 4th grade just seems crazy!!

Got up early on Friday morning to get in my run. A bright and beautiful morning for a run on the Cathance trails. The river is crazy low. Saw five deer. Overall, I am feeling pretty good coming back from Laurel, although my mind is a bit ahead of my legs as it was just so nice out, I wanted to just go on forever and my legs were like, hey lady, we just ran 70 miles two weeks ago 😉 (7.0 miles)

Sunrise over the Heath

Peek a boo, I see you! (One of the five deer seen on the run)

After dropping Sam off, I ran around at a slightly frenzied pace for 4 hours getting errands done, the car packed up and the house cleaned before picking her up at noon. We headed downtown to have Japanese food and gelato in celebration of the end of the school year and the start of summer! 😄

Happiness is gelato and the start of summer!

From there, we picked up Ryan and headed north for our traditional Acadia end of school weekend! This year, my parents joined us, which was a lot of fun. We met up for a yummy dinner and then went back to our campsite to enjoy some of the Somes Sound views, glow sticks, sparklers, and smores over the fire. A pretty good start to the weekend!!

Somes Sound view

Water's edge

Celebrating summer on island!


Evening light

We have glowsticks!

Yay camping!


Sparkler fun

Happy kid

Glowing fire, glowing sparkler

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Back at It

Have gotten in a few runs this week. I have been really congested from either allergies or some sort of cold or both and I'm still tired but it is really nice to be out running again and I am happy to have my legs feeling decent! Keeping it nice and easy the next few weeks and just enjoying being out there!

Monday was a short run on an overcast morning around the Heath. (4.3 miles)

Yesterday was a beautiful, cool morning with lots of wildlife sightings, including a fledgling (or almost?) cardinal hopping around the parking lot with its parents squaking nearby. I tried to shoo it along to the edge and it eventually hopped over near a car. When I returned, it was gone so hopefully it made it somewhere safer! Also saw three deer, one snowshoe hare and had a pileated woodpecker fly-by. The river is running really really low right now, but still pretty. And out along the powerlines, the sheep laurel is out in full force. Love their color against all the greenery. (6.2 miles)

Some fun photos of Laurel courtesy of Tim Toogood Photography. I am looking pretty serious in all of them ;) and am soaked in each one (so humid!) but they do a good job of showing the beauty of the course, although none of them capture any of the rocky portions ;) Thanks, Tim!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Pleasant Mountain

Yesterday, I happily traded a run for a family hike up Pleasant Mountain. We hiked up the Southwest Ridge Trail, enjoying the views on a sunny day. It did get pretty warm later in the afternoon, but there was a bit of a breeze here and there and the shade of the trees felt nice. We saw two snakes, a grouse and two babies, a little toad, lots of wildflowers, and even picked a few ripe blueberries!

Sam did a great job leading all day and while she certainly flagged here and there, she really has gotten strong! Although the trail was pretty quiet, we did run into Linda Raymond, her father-in-law and one of her sons. Ha! It's a small world, well, especially since they have a camp about a mile away :)

It was a beautiful day for a walk up a mountain and the perfect way to spend Father's Day 💗 (6.0 miles)

Happy hikers

Leading the way

Blueberries ripening in the sunshine


Baby brown snake


Wood teepee!

Taking in the view

Happy kid


Summit view

Summit selfie :)

Fire tower

Love the clouds

Enjoying the view

Posed photo. 😂😂

On the way down

Trucking along


Harebell (?)