Sunday, June 3, 2018

Finishing Up the Week

Got in a nice little run on Thursday morning, complete with a misty sunrise seen over the Heath, swamp iris blooming, one deer and a resident Towhee sighting. (4.0 miles)

Such a lovely start to the day, and I was looking forward to another short run in the afternoon with Sam's XC team for the traditional end of the season Dairy Queen run. Always a fun time. But instead of ice cream, I ended up helping to clean up Sam's puke, which she kindly threw up all over Amber's front entrance just after my arrival at 5:00 pm. Ah, parenting... Such a joy. Ugh. Sam still wasn't feeling great on Friday morning, so I kept her home from school. Poor kid. It always sucks to not feel good 😔 And as for me, well, so much for my plans of a nice Cathance run, massage and getting things crossed off my to-do list. Sigh. But such is life, and obviously staying home with the kiddo was the only choice and I am happy to be able to do so, despite the fact that it meant the day did not go as originally planned.

I was able to get some house cleaning, laundry and organizing for Laurel done while she rested on the couch for the morning, and then thankfully she was feeling a bit better and more herself after lunch so we were able to get out and get the grocery shopping done.

Ryan was headed over to MA after work on Friday for the Chesterfield Gorge Ultra on Saturday, which he was using as a long training race in preparation for VT100, so Sam and I were on our own for the evening. I was thankful that she seemed to be feeling much better and that whatever had bothered her stomach Thursday night/Friday morning had passed. Phew!

With the hopeful thought that that trend would continue, I decided I'd check in with our neighbor and see if her daughter was up for a few hours of babysitting time Saturday morning so that I could get out for a run. Totally worth the money!! I got in a nice, sweaty, humid run and Sam had fun taking Petey the dog for a walk with Sula and playing some games with her while I was gone :)

I headed out into the Cathance at 9:00 am and was soaked pretty much right away due to temps already being in the 70s and the high humidity. Still, there was a nice breeze blowing, no bugs and the river, while low, was still quite lovely. Saw one deer, one garter snake, one Hairy Woodpecker, lots of wildflowers and enjoyed the quiet trails. (10.0 miles)

Sam was feeling good enough, although certainly not 100%, for us to stick with the plan and head down to Twin Brook for the XC championship meet in the afternoon. It was pretty toasty out! She and the two other 3/4 milers girls had fun hanging out and cheering on the other runners before it was their turn to race. The two other girls had strong races, but it was admittedly a bit of a struggle out there for Sam today. I know she wasn't feeling the best and I am proud of her for pushing on through and getting it done. 💗 She's a trooper. 

While Sam was struggling through her race, out in western MA, Ryan was having struggles of his own with hot temps and high humidity at Chesterfield. Proud of him, and our other friends too, for pushing on through and getting it done themselves. Rough days like these are good teachers and toughing it out will no doubt pay dividends later.

Needless to say, Sunday has been a quiet day so far at our house, at least on Ryan and Sam's ends :) I got up early for a nice meander out on the powerlines on a beautiful morning. It was (of course, because yesterday was race day!) cool and crisp with a nice breeze blowing, and I enjoyed the bright sunshine, the bird song and the wildflowers. Lots of pretty blooms out there today. (5.4 miles)

And with that, I wrapped up taper week with 30 miles and only have a few very short runs in the upcoming week before Laurel! The rest of the day was spent playing games, doing some reading as well as me getting some house work and laundry done, along with washing the windows and cleaning the car, the last two being things that desperately needed to get done!!

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