Monday, November 28, 2005

November 28 - 4 months later

November 28, 2005
As Snowman said earlier, it has now been as many months since we've been off the trail as we were on the trail. Crazy how quickly 4 months go by. We are settling in nicely to "normal" life here in Brunswick, Maine. We are enjoying being on the coast, taking in the sun flickering off the ocean and the rocks and pine that make up our new landscape. We are back to work (poor schmucks both of us, I know), but we're happy in our respective spots. I'm at the art gallery, and Snowman is working at a small ad agency that specializes in environmental and cultural clients. Although we have plunged back into "reality," we have not forgotten the trail. It stays with us... Snowman says it's through his stretching routine and the anti-inflamatories (which unfortunately is true, but he's getting there!), but it's more than that too :-) The comraderie, our friends, being out in nature every day, the simplicity of carrying all we need on our back, being smelly, all that good stuff :-) I am already scheming to get us back out there next spring and start heading north again, bit by bit. I am looking forward to it!