Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Sunday morning I slept in while Ryan took off to Riverlands for the TMR group run on the new solo course. I was still feeling a bit down about not getting my mileage in as planned, but I most certainly did feel better after a day of nothing so I know it was what I needed!

It was such a dreary, damp, cold day that I didn't push for Sam and I to get outside and we just had a tea pot day, as Great Grammie used to say 😉 Well, Sam did anyway. She stayed in her PJs all day! 😀 Most of the day was spent relaxing and not doing much, but we did fire up to make some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, at least. And honestly, all I did was supervise and make sure we didn't end up with a cup of baking powder in the batter - Sam did all the work! Yum!! 💗🍪

Yes, those are Halloween donut PJs 🎃🍩 My mom finds the most amazing things!


I slept in on Monday for another day of rest, and then after dinner, Ryan and Sam finally got around to carving our jack o'lantern. Better late than never, and it turned out great!  

Supervisor Gigi 😍

Perfect! 🎃

This morning, I got up and out into the darkness for a run on the cart paths. Lots of puddles, one porcupine and six pairs of eyes (deer) seen. Felt a bit creaky after taking two days off from running but still have a bit of congestion but overall, not bad. (6.0 miles)

Sunday, October 28, 2018


I was up multiple times in the early morning hours of Friday with Sam, who just could not stop coughing. I also was feeling quite sniffly. I was supposed to run long but there was just no way that was going to get done. I let Sam sleep in, made sure she was doing OK and dropped her off much later than usual at Amber's at her request. Even 10 minutes of play time before school with her friends is better than none!

As I was already in the car and it was a bright and beautiful day, I drove over to Bowdoin to run out through the Commons and Coleman Farm to the edge of the ocean. Bright and blustery through the woods and fields to the shimmer of sunlight on water, snaking its way amongst the marsh grasses. Definitely congested but it felt good to get out and enjoy the morning. (10.0 miles)

Saturday morning dawned dreary and cold. I wasn't feeling great but I headed out anyway. I ran two laps of the cart paths and down to the river to take in the roaring waters, but I didn't have it in me to continue on for another 14 miles. I turned around and headed home. Once again, the long run was just not going to happen. I felt fairly horrid all afternoon so I know I made the right decision, but I can't help but wonder if I should have just sucked it up and gotten it done. Sigh. This training cycle has gone pretty well and I was hoping to finish up on a high note but I guess resting and getting rid of this cold will have to do! (11.0 miles)

The rain started falling soon after I got back. After some lounging on the couch until mid-afternoon, Sam fired up to get all dressed up in her costume and join her little friend Mazie for a dance costume parade that Mazie's dance teacher was putting on over at the Highlands. The perfect little Princess Leia! Impressive, most impressive 💗 And those hair buns though! 😍

Thursday, October 25, 2018


Boy, early mornings are dark this time of year. Profound, I know, but true. Also, I have pretty much gone straight to winter garb. It's been cold this week too.

Monday was a cart path run and you got it, it was dark, dark, dark. One porcupine seen, plus several pairs of eyes in the woods. Legs didn't really want to move 😉, and I've got some sniffles, undoubtedly picked up from Sam who has a cold and who, because she's a kid, is kind of gross and a germ factory. I love her, but it's true! (6.0 miles)

Tuesday I decided to get the legs moving at least a little bit and ran roads, with the middle 4 miles "fast" or at least focused. Did an out and back on Highland Green and added on an extra mile along Canam. A bit of a glow in the sky in the final mile, but yup, still pretty much dark for the whole run. (7.0 miles)

Wednesday it was cold and rainy. And dark. 😆 I stayed in bed.

This morning, I didn't get up when my alarm went off at 4:00 am but the cats woke me up around 5:30 and I realized if I was quick about it, I could get out the door and back in time to get showered and still get Sam out the door to chorus practice. Thursdays offer a bit of a morning reprieve as that doesn't start until 8:00 so we aren't in quite as much of a rush. After a shortened pre-run routine, I headed out the door and hit start on my watch at 6:09. I was wearing my headlamp, but the moon was shining brilliantly overhead and I stopped several time to take it in as I ran the cart paths, in reverse this time. 

It was light enough about 4 miles in to turn off my light and I enjoyed watching the sky lighten overhead for the rest of the run, with the moon over the trees, setting amidst pinky purple clouds, in one direction and the glow of sunrise in the other. I almost didn't get out the door this morning, but I am so glad I did! Glorious out there. (6.0 miles)

Sunday, October 21, 2018


Saturday morning, Emily came up to our place to meet me for a run. It was Youth Deer Hunting Day so it was a good day to stay clear of the woods and hit the roads for a long run! We headed out around 7:30 am onto River Road and across to Meadow Cross and Meadow Road into Bowdoin and then back. The wind was whipping across the corn fields and the hills felt big 😂 which made it extra nice to have company!! We chatted about this that and the other thing, and Emily gave me a few book reports as we ran along too 😉

I like this misshapen figure 8 loop because it keeps you honest, and I will admit to definitely feeling a bit worn out on the bigger hills, but we kept a fairly decent pace up, even with my few pee breaks and one stop dead in my tracks stop when I saw a praying mantis at the edge of the road down along the marsh on Meadow. I might have startled Emily just a little bit with that one 😆 but I had to stop and move it into the grass and take a photo! First one I've seen all year! Also seen, one big flock of turkeys, cows out at pasture and two big beautiful horses. (21.0 miles)

We picked Sam up from Anne's birthday party when I got back and had a yummy lunch at Wild Oats, including a big cupcake for me 😃 Yum! The rest of the day was spent relaxing on the couch, perfect after a long run!

This morning, Ryan headed over to Brad for the Sunday TMR run while Sam and I hung out at home, ate pancakes and bacon and relaxed. I may or may not have had a few too many cups of coffee too 😂☕🥞🥓🥓 #restdaybrags

Then after lunch, I hauled Sam out for a walk. In my defense, after our walk, she said, "I regret saying I did not want any fresh air" so I feel perfectly justified in getting her out! #goodparenting 😉 We headed over to the Highlands for a windy, cold, leaf-covered, silly, laughter-filled walk on the trails down in the ravine. Always love getting outside with this kiddo 💗💗 and a good Sunday, indeed! (1.5 miles walked)

Friday, October 19, 2018


We had a great time volunteering at Ryan's aid station last Sunday afternoon! Sam slept until almost 10am (!!!), exhausted from her Friday sleepover and Saturday XC meet, so we didn't get there as early as I had originally anticipated, but we still spent a solid 6 hours there, cheering on runners, manning the aid station, enjoying time chatting with friends and taking a short walk up into the field to check out the view. With so many friends both on course running and volunteering, it is always a great day at Big Brad!

Bumblebee on a late season aster

Heading up the hill

Love the brilliant colors of fall

Such a good aid station volunteer 💗

Monday morning I headed out into the darkness for a run on the cart paths with a loop of the Heath thrown into the middle. It was a dark and cool run, cold enough for tights, with only the hint of light in the horizon at the end of the run and one deer seen. (7.0 miles)

Didn't manage to get out of bed Tuesday morning, so hit the indoor track during swim practice in the afternoon instead. 65 laps and a Ginger Runner podcast to keep me sane. (5.0 miles)

Thursday was another headlamp run on the cart paths. Dark, cold and windy, with one deer and one porcupine seen. Pretty glow in sky in the final half mile. (6.0 miles)

This morning I got out in the daylight 🙌 for a run through the Cathance. Most of the brilliant foliage is no longer on the trees after all the wind and rain we had on Wednesday and there was a fair amount of swearing as the leaf covered trails made for a few ankle turns 😬 but there is still some nice color out there between the golds on the oaks and birch trees, the white cotton sedge set against the greens and golds in the Heath, and some bright red mushrooms. Felt fairly solid today but kept things nice and easy. Two deer seen. (11.0 miles)

A sea of cotton sedge out in the Heath

Golds along the river's edge

So pretty

Loved the contrasting colors!

Some type of Hygrocybe sp., I suspect

After my run, I had to head up to Augusta for a training for work, which is a bummer as if I'd been free I would have been able to be out on this boat with Sam and her classmates as they learned about Merrymeeting Bay from a guide from the Maine Maritime Museum! They also got to see two seals and an eagle! But instead, I was staring at a power point and talking about data 😂 Ah the joys!

Taking in the bay

Looking forward to a long run on the roads with Emily tomorrow. It's youth deer hunting day, so we are staying the heck away from the woods!! 😆 Should be a good day for it!