Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Monday Funday

Sam and I were off from school and work on Monday so we were able to spend the day with Mom and Dad and enjoy some fall fun! Always a treat 💗

We headed over to Rocky Ridge mid-morning for some apple picking, and of course, a few apple cider donuts too! Yum! 😋 It was overcast and a bit chilly out, but there were some good apples to be picked on the trees and the foliage along the edge of the fields was looking quite nice!

We headed home for lunch, and then despite Sam's objections that walking around the apple orchard constituted a walk 😂, we headed over to the Cathance for an afternoon walk in the woods. Lots of lovely foliage reflecting in the river, tons of mushrooms and some nice time spent together on the trails 💗 (1.8 miles walked) It felt good to get out and move my legs a bit. Quads felt a bit sore, but overall, not too bad for the day after a 50k!


Love this kid 💖 even if she did make me run a bit today. Ouch! 

Tons of purple mushrooms seen!

Cutie pie kiddo 😍

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