Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Sunday morning I slept in while Ryan took off to Riverlands for the TMR group run on the new solo course. I was still feeling a bit down about not getting my mileage in as planned, but I most certainly did feel better after a day of nothing so I know it was what I needed!

It was such a dreary, damp, cold day that I didn't push for Sam and I to get outside and we just had a tea pot day, as Great Grammie used to say 😉 Well, Sam did anyway. She stayed in her PJs all day! 😀 Most of the day was spent relaxing and not doing much, but we did fire up to make some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, at least. And honestly, all I did was supervise and make sure we didn't end up with a cup of baking powder in the batter - Sam did all the work! Yum!! 💗🍪

Yes, those are Halloween donut PJs 🎃🍩 My mom finds the most amazing things!


I slept in on Monday for another day of rest, and then after dinner, Ryan and Sam finally got around to carving our jack o'lantern. Better late than never, and it turned out great!  

Supervisor Gigi 😍

Perfect! 🎃

This morning, I got up and out into the darkness for a run on the cart paths. Lots of puddles, one porcupine and six pairs of eyes (deer) seen. Felt a bit creaky after taking two days off from running but still have a bit of congestion but overall, not bad. (6.0 miles)

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