Friday, October 5, 2018


Running this week has been pretty mellow with Farm to Farm coming up on Sunday.

Monday, I snuck out of work a bit early so that I could get in a run before XC practice. After a morning of on and off showers, the skies lightened and I got in a nice, if slightly muddy, run around Highland Green. Two Northern Flickers and 5 turkeys seen. (5.0 miles)

The kids did a good job at XC practice doing hill loops, and we finished up just as raindrops started to fall again. (1.4 miles)

Tuesday, it poured all day long and I was quite content to take a rest day 😉

The rain had stopped by the time I woke up on Wednesday, but it was a damp, foggy morning, and the whole run was done in the dark with the headlamp on. I ran the cart paths, minus holes 1 and 2. (5.1 miles)

Yesterday, I had hoped for clearer skies and a sunrise but it was yet another dark and dreary morning once I headed out the door. Also there was a thick fog and mist falling, and this was my view for about 4 miles of my run... gotta love the Star Wars light speed effect!!

I had planned to head down to the river and back, but things were so damp out, I stuck with the cart paths again. One deer seen bounding through the brush along the edge of the powerlines at the end of the run once the skies had lightened. (5.1 miles)

Today is another rest day, but I'll be running around like crazy getting the house ready for the weekend and baking a marbled raspberry donut cake for Sam's birthday party tomorrow! Hoping it comes out looking as good as the recipe pictures!! 🍩💗 Can't believe we'll have a 9 year old next week!

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