Monday, October 8, 2018

Birthday Party Fun

Let's just start with this.... I saw this recipe online for a pink donut cake. Sam wanted one for her birthday, so I ordered a donut shaped pan. It was huge. I sent it back. I ordered a smaller one, and then proceeded to spend much of my time on Friday making said cake. When I looked at the recipe photo, I thought there was no way in hell it was going to come out looking like that...

...and just crossed my fingers that it didn't end up a total dud! And then the batter (double batch, by the way), only filled up half the pan and I though uh oh... but once it baked, it rose and looked oh so beautiful!

Even better, it came out of the pan without breaking!

And frosted and sprinkled, it didn't quite match the recipe photo, but it looked pretty darn good! 😍💗🍩 Now just to wait and see if it tasted as good as it looked!

I knew it was going to be a full day on Saturday, but with Farm to Farm on Sunday, I wanted to get in a few miles to shake out the legs. I waited until the sky had lightened and then set up for a run. Got in a nice 4 miles, enjoying the glow of the sunrise along the powerlines, the mist rising on the Heath and four turkeys in the grass at the entrance to the middle school. Beautiful morning. (4.0 miles)

Sam had decided that she wanted to go to Urban Air for her birthday. The birthday package was crazy expensive and there was no way we were going to attempting to keep track of 10 9-year old girls down there, so instead she picked a few of her besties to bring with her, and we headed down around 9:30 am so that we could get there as soon as they opened in the morning in the hopes that it wouldn't be too busy. We basically had the place to ourselves for the first hour, so it worked out perfectly! Let the wild rumpus begin!

The girls had a great time and were thoroughly exhausted by the time we left, just how they should be after an active birthday party 😆 The rest of us may have been exhausted too, but it was more by osmosis, as we spent most of the time following the girls around, taking photos and enjoying watching them have fun together!

From there, we headed home for presents, pizza and cake.

The cake was a big hit, and although I didn't get the marbling quite right, it was pretty and delicious!

After the girls left, we had a quiet afternoon with the grandparents, and Susie, who wisely skipped the Urban Air chaos but we came over to join us for an early dinner at Frontier, which was delish!

All in all, a great day celebrating our almost 9-year old! 😍 I will admit, however, that I was totally exhausted by the time I went to bed and was wondering how Sunday's race was going to go!

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