Monday, June 4, 2018

Sunday Afternoon Horseshoe Crab Adventure

When I wrote my last post, I really thought we'd spend the rest of Sunday afternoon inside on the couch. I had mentioned earlier in the day that our friend Tami had said the horseshoe crabs were spawning at Wolfe's Neck, and since we are avoiding the browntail moth invasion there, I suggested we might take a short walk down to the shoreline at Skofield Shores Preserve in Harpswell. Although Ryan was exhausted from his hot and humid 50 miles at Chesterfield Gorge on Saturday not to mention four hours of driving to get back home, he was in agreement that it was too nice out to stay inside all afternoon so we finally got Sam up and off the couch and out the door.

We arrived down at the water's edge just after high tide, and found the shoreline literally crawling with horseshoe crabs. It was quite a sight to see and we spent a good 30 minutes or more simply watching them and marveling at these fascinating creatures. There must have been at least 50 of them in and amongst the grasses and up along the edges of the natural rock outcropping that curved out into Middle Bay Cove. Such an awesome thing to witness. The Maine coast, and the natural world, never cease to amaze me.

When we walked back up from the shoreline, we continued out on the trails along the point that wind through the woods and along the edge of the fields brimming with buttercups and wild geraniums. The osprey were calling overhead and we even saw a porcupine sunning himself up in a tree! Sam had so much energy she was running ahead of us on the trail 💗 A lovely oceanside trail and nature adventure! (1.6 miles walked)

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