Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Silly Taper!

Tapering is such an odd act. I understand the concept of course, but for someone like me, who gets increasingly anxious as race day, and race travel, approaches, running less is like a form of torture! 😂😂 What I really want to do is run more! 😏

So, a fairly uneventful week in terms of running with the busy factor and the anxious factor racheted up a notch...

Monday morning, I got out for a short run around the neighborhood. It was a rather cool morning and the air smelled like honeysuckle. Saw the mama fox but none of the kits. Running less then 30 minutes just seemed ridiculous so I added on a few more 1/10ths to round it up to 30 😆 (3.3 miles)

This morning was cool and damp, and the bog bridges were slick with moisture as I ran around the Heath. Lots of summer green out in the woods now. Once again, not nearly enough miles to quiet my racing mind but lovely to get out. (4.5 miles)

Tomorrow will be spent doing all my typical household chores, and getting all the necessary race stuff packed up and ready to go. Irene and Dana are arriving tomorrow afternoon to spend the next few days with Sam, and we will be leaving after dinner and driving to NY, about halfway to Laurel. It will be nice to split up the drive out to PA, as the return trip on Sunday is going to be one long and likely painful day spent in the car!

I am really thankful for Irene and Dana'a assistance this weekend and so appreciate their willingness to hang out with Sam while we are away. It is going to be such a short trip with so much driving that it really wouldn't have been much fun for her, so this is a much better option and I know they will have a great time together!! 💗 Meanwhile, my crazy parents have just decided that they are going to drive up to PA and join Ryan is crewing me during the race, and take the opportunity to tour Fallingwater while they are in the area too because why not! I'm not sure they know what they are in for in terms of crewing at this race with Ryan 😂😂 but I will never turn down a cheering section!!

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