Sunday, September 23, 2018


Happy fall! I love this time of year and it is so wonderful to have some cooler, crisper weather after all the crazy humidity of this summer!

I was going to do my long run on Friday but Val asked me if I wanted to join she and Mindy for a run up at HVNC with Keri. I originally declined, as I felt I should stay close to home, get my run in and get stuff checked off my to do list, but thankfully I have a wonderful husband who said, just go! You can get your long run in over the weekend. I am so glad I listened! It was the perfect morning, cool and sunny, and we had a great mellow meander along the HVNC trails, chatting and catching up and hearing about Mindy and Val's crewing adventure for Ian and Emma in the 100 Mile Wilderness. Before we headed back to the parking lot, we took the trail out to the bog and admired all the pitcher plants and cotton sedge growing amongst the moss and cranberry plants, which were starting to take on their reddish autumnal hues. So pretty. Then to finish up the morning, we drove out into the middle of nowhere and had an amazing lunch at the Sheepscot General Store. YUM! So great to share a morning with friends! (7.9 miles)

Some sort of rattlesnake plantain?

Taking in the view :)

Sweet little stretch of singletrack

New water pump!

Pitcher plants in the bog

Bog laurel

Autumnal bog

Such cool plants!

Sheepscot General Store

 Saturday morning, I set my alarm, got up and ate breakfast and even did a few stretches, but I was not feeling enthused at all, in fact I was plain out just not wanting to run. So instead of heading out the door to run 20+ miles, I crawled back into bed instead and fell asleep for another 1 1/2 hours! Guess I needed it. And so, Saturday turned into a rest day. Got some things done around the house and then Sam and I went apple picking after lunch to celebrate fall while Ryan went out for his run. It was a beautiful day, if breezy, and the trees at Rocky Ridge Orchard were loaded with apples! Always fun to spend time with my girl and if it involves apples and cider donuts, even better 💗

So many apples!🍎

My sweet girl 😍

This morning, I did actually get up and out for my long run  😉 It was gloriously fall-like. Only 40 degrees, crisp and clear, and perfect for long sleeves and gloves! Ahhhh. Heavenly. I did a rather random meander around home, hitting the cart paths first, doing a loop on the sidewalks through Highland Green and then heading out into the Cathance to Head of Tides and across the street to the Highland trails before finishing up with a final few miles on the pavement before heading home. The run was filled with glorious sunshine, bright blue skies, quiet trails, one deer, sweet smelling ferns and lots of purple asters. My legs were a bit tired, and I definitely need to retire these shoes, but all in all, a good run. I did have my headphones in for this run, listening to three podcasts along the way, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to get things done! (22.0 miles)

Mist rising along the Cathance

Sweet purple asters 

Highland Trails

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