Sunday, September 16, 2018


Sat around and ate breakfast and drank coffee on Saturday morning before heading out to run around 7:30 am. It's rare that I sleep in anymore, mostly because of the cats 🐱, but it's at least nice to have the option to laze around for a while instead of having to get right out to run! It was a damp, foggy, misty morning. Lots of spider webs, and a few colors popping up in the trees and in the Heath too. My legs were feeling pretty tired from Friday's long run so I kept it nice and easy. A good way to finish up a solid week! (7.0 miles)

Misty morning web 

Ryan is feeling under the weather and Sam is finally feeling better from the cold she picked up at the start of school, so Ryan stayed home on the couch after lunch while Sam and I headed over to the Swinging Bridge to check out the new new location for XC practice. Head of Tides is a great place to run but there were a few safety issues there, mainly due to parking and crossing the road, so the rec department decided to shift us over here. Honestly, there are a few safety concerns in this location too, but hey, I'm just a helper. Sam and I walked across the bridge to take in the view and checked out the rocks along the river (neither of which we'll be doing at XC practice!) and then walked up and back along the paved bike path, popping beans on the jewelweed plants along the way. After the misty start to the day, the skies cleared and temps rose and it was quite lovely being out for a walk! (1.4 miles walked)


Today was a rest day so it was another leisurely start to the day, which was lovely. Anne came over around 10:00 and I took the girls out for donuts. Doing the zero day right 😉🍩💗


Then it was off to Claire's to get Sam's ears pierced! Her birthday present a few weeks early 😍 Anne provided wonderful hand holding support, which was downright adorable!


Looking so grown up with her new pierced ears!

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