Thursday, August 2, 2018

Glorious for One Day...

...and then back to the heat and humidity!! 😖😜

Tuesday morning's run truly was lovely. It was cool and almost crisp, at least in comparison to the crazy humidity we had last week. It felt so nice to not be bathed in sweat immediately upon setting out the door! I headed out around 5:15 and as sunrise is getting ever so slightly later and later, I was treated to a beautiful glowing sunrise over the Heath.

I ran out along the river, enjoying the bright red cardinal flowers blooming along the banks plus a belted king fisher calling and flying over the water upstream. Saw eight deer, one of whom stopped long enough for me to get out my camera as she stood still, staring back at me, plus one toad. Overall just a good happy morning run!! (7.0 miles)

Didn't manage to get out yesterday morning, so I'll be stacking the rest of my running into a four-day block at the end of this week, but oh well. I tend to do these things so no big deal 😉 Got out this morning and after an evening of rain last night, the high humidity had returned. Very heavy out. I ran the cart paths, running 10 sets of 60 sec on/90 sec off in the middle three miles. This is a good "speed workout" because it allows for effort to set the bar and I didn't have to worry about hitting a specific pace. It was a bit different running the workout on the rolling cart paths but that kept it interesting at least! I did stop for a few blackberries along the powerlines near the end of the run - too delicious not to!! (6.0 miles)

Received the name piece of my Laurel finisher award in the mail yesterday. I love that they send these out to everyone! Such a fun way to commemorate the race 💗

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