Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Fun in the Snow

I had to work yesterday but since I didn't have to worry about getting the kiddo up and out of the house with me, I waited until a little later to head out for my run. The powerlines were still really soft despite one or two passes by a snowmobile and the roads were a mix of snow and ice, so not the best running ever but certainly not the worst. Pretty sunrise. (6.0 miles)

While I was at work, Sam and Ryan got out and had some fun in the snow - sledding, making snow angels and getting in a great 2 mile ski out at Mere Creek Golf course. A good day of playing in the snow!

The weather is looking rather frigid over the next week or so, with this morning kicking off at -4 degrees. Brrr! I felt a bit like the stay puff marshmallow lady with all my layers on but it worked! 😂

The snowmobiles had been out overnight along the powerlines, and things had definitely firmed up. If I had had on my spikes, I would have been happier and maybe a bit faster, but as it was, it was fairly decent running in my screwshoes as I ran out to Lover's Lane enjoying the sunrise. Arrived home covered in frost. 😜  (5.2 miles) 

Sam probably would have slept until 9:00 am this morning but as it was, I had to wake her up at 8:15 so that we could get to her 8-year well-child check-up. She has sprouted up to 49" and is weighing in at 52 lbs, and as healthy as can be! I guess we are doing OK as parents after all ;) After a quick stop at the grocery store and some lunch, we headed over to the Cathance for a short afternoon snowshoe. 

I am always impressed by the traffic out on these trails; things were really quite well traveled! We did a nice little out and back hike down to the river. There were lots of snowshoe hare tracks seen, a few ice pancakes floating in the river and some lovely iced over tree limbs shimmering in the sunlight. Always good to get out in the woods with my girl! (0.8 miles hiked)

Swim practice tonight, so there will be no shortage of exercise for Sam these past few days, that's for sure! :)

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