Monday, July 4, 2011

Hot and Humid (plus some cute Sam photos!)

OK, summer, you've made your point! We know you're here. Simmer down now :-)

I went over to Bradley Palmer this morning to get in a long trail run. I started running at 8:15. My plan was to run 2 laps of the Fat Ass course and then another 2 to 3 miles to get in 14 or 15 for the day. I could tell about 2 minutes after the start that it was not going to be a nice morning for a run. It was sunny, hot and humid. The deer flies were buzzing. The mosquitos were out. The poison ivy was rampant. The grass was tall and itchy. On the plus side, I did have the trails to myself though. Guess everyone else was inside enjoying the A/C! Ryan was planning on bringing his parents and Sam over to walk around for a bit while I ran. I called him 3 miles into the run, and told him not to come. I think I probably screamed at him, saying " It's terrible out!" I was bathed in sweat. And I still had a lot of miles to go. I was not exactly in a happy place. Then I turned onto the single track. It was crawling with poison ivy. I went about 5 feet and turned around. So much for my plan. Ah well, I took a promising looking single track trail right across the way that headed down toward the river. The trail ran though a pine forest. There was no poison ivy. A breeze kicked up. The river was lovely looking, with some pretty water lilies. I spotted a huge Great Blue Heron grooming himself on a downed tree in the reeds.  OK, I had calmed down a bit and was feeling a bit better.The trail wandered along the river and popped me back out near the park entrance. I ran back to the car, with the Garmin showing 5 miles.

Hmmm. What to do? What to do? I decided to try following the FA course backwards, and see if I could bypass the singletrack to make a nice loop. Along the way, I continued on a portion of trail I had not taken before. It was nice. I saw a cardinal pair, and a few catbirds. A little garter snake slithered across the trail to hide in the underbrush. The trail was lined with jewelweed. I stopped in an open area where a little breeze was blowing and rubbed a few big stalks on my legs, just in case. The last thing I needed was a case of poison ivy! The trail ended at a road so I turned around, and continued along the FA course.

I ran by the single track exit, and popped right back out along the course only a 1/4 mile or so from the turn into the single track. Great, I knew where I was! Being a creature of habit, I decided to run the river trail again. This time when I got back to the car, the Garmin was reading 10.44 miles. OK, still a few more miles to go. I can do it. I headed back out onto the pavement and explored a few side trails. I think the heat finally caught up to me around mile 13 and I was ready to be done. I got back to the car at 14.5 miles, with the time reading 2:12:38, and called it good. The sweat was literally dripping down my legs. I was soaked. Gotta love these summertime runs!

And now for some cute Sam pictures from the weekend!

 Watching Elmo with Auntie Meg and Uncle Chris

 Playdough fun with Auntie Meg

 Having fun with a musical push toy!

Looking cute :-)

 Pink from head to toe! :-)

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