Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tough Going

The sniffle and cough that I got at the end of last week is still hanging on. The cough sounds terrible, but it's almost like it's from all the dry air? Regardless, it still kind of sucks and kept me up on Thursday night. Yesterday afternoon in the cold and the wind, I decided I would try running from the ecology center out onto the Cathance trails. The trails were fairly well packed but not entirely evenly, and since I wasn't exactly feeling energetic, the pace wasn't exactly quick :-) Got in 3.6 miles and decided that was enough. No use putting myself in too much of a hole at this point.

Today, after a decent night sleep and a morning of swimming and fun times at the farmer's market, I headed out mid-afternoon from Keith and Cordelia's, where my mom and dad are staying for the week house- and cat-sitting. I wasn't sure if I would go out, but figured since Sam was entertained with them, Morgan and Kristen, I might as well give it a go. Again it was cold and windy, so I figured the trails were the best option. The problem was that the trails were either so packed they were icy, or they were really uneven ankle-twisting semi-packed. I ran out to the end of the Commons and decided to tack on a few more miles by running a two-mile loop out in Pennelville. The wind was really strong out in the fields! Managed 6.5 miles in 1:09 and called it good.

Hoping I have the energy for a long run tomorrow! I felt so good last weekend at Val's Fat Ass, and really wanted to build on that. Hope I can!

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