Sunday, March 30, 2014


Sam was very excited to have Ryan and I come up to the pool with her today so that she could show us what she had been working on with Neenie and Pippi yesterday afternoon. Apparently, she was jumping off the shelf seat herself and touching the pool bottom, ie. actually getting her head underwater! I took the first shift in the pool today - brrr! - and swam and watched her jump and played with her for 30 minutes before I had goose bumps all over and needed to retreat to the side... Sam's lips were chattering, but she assured us she wasn't cold. Crazy kids! She really is getting much better in the water and is doing a great job kicking and working on her crawl stroke.

When Ryan got in with her, I suggested she try jumping in from the edge, and she said yes right away. In fact, she told Ryan she didn't need him to hold her hands, and just like that, she was jumping in on her own! She jumped in more than 40 times from the edge, and would have kept going if we hadn't insisted she get out due to her mouth and nose turning blue :-)

One of the earlier jumps

Getting braver and jumping farther

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