Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Soggy and Sloppy

Oh, what a difference a few days make! Saturday the snowmobile trails were about just as perfect as could be. Today, well, maybe not so much. Got out around 1:15 pm for my run. It was raining. If it's going to rain on a run, it should be one of those hot and humid summer afternoons when the rain feels refreshing! Not in March on a 37 degree day. Ah well, I hadn't managed to get myself up and out the door at 6:00 am to get in my run before work, so rain was what I got. The trails weren't miserable, but they were a bit sloppy. In fact, I think the sections that were icy were the best running, as they were solid. The soft corn snow just absorbed whatever energy I put out. But my legs felt a bit peppier than yesterday and after a good night sleep, I felt much less exhausted. So I just wandered along, thinking, pondering, slipping, sliding and making the most of it. Got in 7 miles at exactly 10 minute pace. Given the weather, I'll probably skip running tomorrow and hopefully get in some decent miles on Friday.

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