Sunday, March 9, 2014

2014 Bradbury Blizzard Race Report

OK. I can pretty much sum up today's race in two words: Low energy. I felt off from the second I woke up this morning, sort of woozy and out of it. Felt that way during my short warm-up. Really felt that way during the first few steps in the race when I watched George and Bob Dunfey pull away from me as if I was standing still. Maureen passed me soon after. Forget about Rebecca and Aly - they were gone. I just didn't have any energy. My legs were like dead weights. Definitely not my best race performance. But, I just kept chugging, trying to convince myself that I could keep going and that this wasn't all that bad. It was great training and a good second run for the weekend. A bit of suffering isn't always bad. Right?!

The race was on the mountain side. I did a fair amount of picking my way around the ice on the Boundary trail, and was definitely cursing the South Ridge Trail, or perhaps I was cursing myself. Downhills have never been my strength. Caroline passed both Maureen and I on the downhill, and then Maureen went slightly off course somewhere near the playground. I called her back, but managed to get ahead. Climbing up the Switchback, I caught back up to Caroline, and she let me pass. I sure wasn't feeling great, but I've always maintained that I can at least grind an uphill in a decent manner, and I managed at least pull away as I made my way up toward the summit. That seemed to put me into a slight race mindset, and I was determined to finish as strongly as I could. The next portion was the best of the race, around the Tote, back up toward the summit and down the Terrace, which thankfully was all snow and no ice, and was even maybe fun to run. Then into the finish, a distant 4th woman, in just over 1:00:00.

Ryan was waiting for me, worried. He said I looked fairly ashen. But it certainly was a beautiful afternoon, and what's not to like about talking with friends in the sun after a snowshoe race? Plus, despite not having a great race, I still managed to finish, and win a bag of coffee and get the cool Bad Ass prize too. I'm slightly disappointed with how the race went, but it was good training and I can sure think of worse ways to spend the morning. I guess I can't complain too much...

I think she wears it well, don't you?

The whole Bad Ass crew. 

So, now, snow, feel free to melt! Bring on spring! I'd like to run on some dirt, please :-)

4th woman

As always, many thanks to Ryan for putting together a great race series, and to all the volunteers who help make it happen!

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