Friday, January 4, 2013

Weighed Down

Felt slightly weighed down by all the layers of clothing I was wearing this morning and the cold air - although it was at least 8 degrees when I headed out at 8:00 am, much warmer than Ryan's run, which started at 6:00 am and while the temps were still in the negatives! I ran across the street and out on the snowmobile trails again. A few sleds had come through between this morning and my run on Wednesday, so things were a bit more churned up, but the running was still pretty sweet. I ran down to Lover's Lane and back again, and caught a neat view of the light on the horizon, topped with a bed of thick clouds, as I hit the hill right after Rt. 24. At the height of land, also saw a big raptor soaring away from me over the road into the trees. It's wing span was so big, and it was flying so gracefully, I think it must have been an owl, perhaps barred?, and not a hawk. Wish I had gotten a better look, but neat nonetheless.

With the cold and cough, I didn't quite manage to kick off the New Year and my "training plan" with the mileage I was hoping for, but I did get in a few good runs this week, just shorter than anticipated :-) Hopefully I can kick it back up a notch next week!

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Scout said...

Oh! Owl sighting :D I'm envious.

I get away with very little layering by using SportHIll 3sp mat'l. No kidding; it's the best.

are you hitting brad this Sunday?