Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Feels Like -13

I procrastinated on heading out for my run until around 11:00, because, well, I could, and I wanted to take advantage of as many degrees as the thermometer would give me :-) When I left, the Weather Center was saying it was currently 5 degrees, but with the wind, it was feeling like -13. Hmmm. OK, then. I had on as many layers as I could and still be moving - three on top with the outer layer being my trusty windproof Craft jacket, two on the bottom, warm Smartwool socks, wind-proof hat, buff, sunglasses and hood up on my Sugoi hoodie, which was beneath the Craft jacket. The only thing I was missing was a face mask! Oh, and maybe my sanity, but you know...

I ran straight out on the snowmobile trails. With the sun in my face, the wind at my back and all my layers on, I actually felt quite toasty. The trail was completely solid, either packed snow or ice. Once I hit Lover's Lane, I was still feeling good so I figured I would shoot up the straight snowmobile trail along the backside of Bay Park and then loop around through the trail in the woods back to Homeplace. The woods protected me from the wind, and I just cruised along.

Once I got back up the hill to Route 24, the wind hit me in the face full force, meaning the final 1 3/4 miles were pretty darn chilly. Brrr! But I got in 7 miles, and am pretty happy with that.

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