Friday, January 25, 2013

Another Cold Snowmobile Trail Run

I saw a post on Facebook that said something to the effect of, "Yes, it's cold. Now get over it, and get outside and enjoy it!" Ha. But seriously, 5 degrees with windchill really is pretty cold. However, I think the fact that the temperature went down so drastically from 40+ this past Sunday makes it feel worse. In any event, I got out this morning for another snowmobile trail run despite the temperatures and wind, and I survived :-) However, for some unknown reason, I didn't grab the Buff from the drying rack, so my face was rather frozen by the time I got back, but otherwise, I warmed up nicely once I got moving.

The snow and ice crunched beneath my feet, the chickadees and cardinals were calling, and the sun was nice and bright. I got in 6 miles just headed out and back along the powerlines and then into the woods and along the trail near Homeplace. As on Wednesday, I didn't really feel the wind until the final 1.75 miles after popping back out of the woods near Rt. 24. Then it was COLD!

Today's miles got me to 32 for the "week" and with the snowshoe race, a 10-miler on the Cathance singletrack and a few solid snowmobile trail runs, I feel pretty good about that. I've got a few niggles here and there, mostly in the my right ankle/calf (darn thing!), but otherwise am feeling good. Hoping to keep creeping the mileage up a bit over the next few weeks. And hopefully the temps will creep up a bit too ;-) I don't mind the cold, but I could do without the below-0 temps at night and the negative temps with windchill!

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