Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fun Saturday

Morgan stayed with us last night for a fun sleepover, and then this morning Sam and I went to her first tumbling class at Midcoast Gymnastics. Her best little friend, Anne, had gone to the previous session, and her parents said it was a great way to get out some energy and maybe even entice a nap, although I believe Phil described it as "wandering around the room after your child to make sure they don't hurt themselves" :-) Ha. Ryan was off setting up the course for tomorrow's snowshoe race, so I took the day off from work to give him the time to get done what he needed to do, and it was fun to have a Saturday morning to spend with Sam. Sam had a great time during the class. They've converted a big barn into a gymnastics rooms with a big blown-up bouncer, a few big trampolines, obstacle courses, balance beams, slides and various rings, etc. They do everything from the Mommy & Me Tumbling Class we attended to more advanced gymnastics for older children. We ran around and bounced and tumbled and were crazy :-) Then we hit up the farmer's market for pretzels and some veggies, listening to the music and running into friends there. Sam wasn't satisfied with just her pretzel so when we went downtown to Morning Glory for a few things, we stopped at Frosty's for a donut too. It was a very busy and fun morning!

I headed out around lunchtime for my run. It was overcast and relatively warm, although a bit windy. I hit the powerlines and was happy to find that a few more snowmobiles had been out since my run yesterday morning. They had packed things down, which was nice, but it was warm enough that things were still kind of mushy and soft at the same time. Weird. But decent running nonetheless. I got in 4 miles in 40 minutes, which got me to 30 miles again this week. I'm getting there, or trying at least :-)

Looking forward to the Squall tomorrow!

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