Monday, January 21, 2013

Back to Winter

It's back to winter today. It was only 16 degrees when Sam and I got downstairs a little after 6am this morning. Ryan had the day off, so I figured I might as well run today, just because the option was there. I dillied and dallied until I finally got out the door around 9:00. I wasn't feeling super motivated, but it was a beautiful morning - clear and bright with blue sky. I ran a random route out to Mountain Road and then took the dirt portion of the Highland Green Road down to Tedford and back on the snowmobile trail. The snowmobile trail was pretty good running, although the sled that had been out at some point yesterday before it got cold again has churned it, so that it felt a bit like I was running on big frozen crispies :-) Got in 4 miles at a mellow pace. Felt a bit tired and creaky but warmed up as I went along and overall, didn't feel all that badly.

After I got back, we went for breakfast at Broadway Deli and then did a few errands around town. There was still enough daylight, and it had warmed up to 25 degrees, so we wanted to get out and enjoy the nice day. We suited up and headed over to Highland Green for a short afternoon snowshoe. Sam did great, but we didn't get very far. All she really wanted to do was sit down and eat snow :-) Then she had to go to the bathroom so the trek lasted about 20 minutes and we went about 100 yards. Ha. Oh well, we tried!

Sam has already gotten her hands on some snow here :-)

Afternoon walk

Looking for the perfect piece of snow to eat!

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