Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Samantha Post

I haven't done a Samantha update in a while, so I thought I'd do a quick post about what she's been up to.

We recently started a Mom & Me Tumbling Class with her best friend Anne, and this morning, both Ryan and I went with her, so I was able to get a few photos of her in action :-) She's a little timid on things, but loves bouncing, walking on the balance beam, going down the slide, hanging from the bars and of course, wandering around being crazy with Anne! A fun way to spend a Saturday morning, and even better that the class ends before I have to head up to work :-)

On the balance beam

Waiting for the inflatable trampoline to blow up

We're rising!
Jump, jump!

She's also been working on her writing, as I've said before. It is adorable. Of course, sometimes when she says "I want to work on my writing," it means I want to get a sheet of paper out and draw designs and squiggles and symbols all over it, but she is also honestly interested in writing names and letters, etc. This morning, we made a picture for Anne, and after decorating it with stickers, she wrote Anne's name on it. From left to right, and all the letters written the correct way :-) At least this time anyway!

Pretty good, eh?

Her vocabulary and grasp of the English language is pretty amazing right now. Still a bit of trouble conjugating some of the oddities of the language, but sometimes she will realize she's used the wrong tense and actually correct herself. Impressive! 

We've ordered her a regular twin mattress as an upgrade from the toddler bed we had moved her into once she was out of the crib. I am hopeful it will help at night, as almost every night, she wakes up at some point and has moved around so much that she's either fallen completely or partially off the side of her bed. I'm thinking a bigger space will be good for her (and for my sleep!). I can hope anyway, right?! She's very excited for her new bed, sheets and blanket! 

Other than that, we are loving how she is getting more independent and can put on most of her clothes herself. She can go up and down the stairs on her own, can get her stool and turn on the lights, etc. It's also fun to see how her imagination is beginning to take shape and grow with her as she learns more things. This really is a fun age (although admittedly there are trying times, but aren't there always?)!

So there's a little snapshot of Sam at 3 years and almost 4 months :-)

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