Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Is it spring? Did I somehow miss the rest of winter? Sure seemed like it today. Warm temps, cold mist and a heavy fog treated us today. Bleh! And the snow is rapidly melting (again). Boo! What is up with this weather?

Feel like I've been awfully dramatic about my lower right leg the past few days, but I just really don't want a repeat of this past spring. I obviously need to be more vigilant about stretching and rolling - it's easy to bypass these things especially if coming in the door to a needy 3 year old or when I need to be out the door to work 10 minutes later! Anyway, after a massage this morning, things felt pretty good. Squeezed in a bit of work before heading into Portland to get some errands done, and met up with Ryan for a lunch date too, which was fun! Got in a quick 3 miles late in the afternoon - the weather was blechy and the snow was soft, making for a rather uninspired 28 minutes, but my leg felt good, so that was a positive.

I'll be happy to have the more seasonable temperatures come back on Friday! Some new snow would be nice too :-)

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