Tuesday, January 29, 2013


We awoke to a few inches of fluffy white snow. Very pretty. Too bad it sounds like it won't last for long with the warm temps and possible rain predicted for the next few days. I was feeling a bit down about my lower right leg (not even really my ankle but seemingly some sort of tendon/muscle that goes up the outside of my leg from the ankle bone?), but decided I would get a bit of work done while I heated/iced it, then roll and stretch, and give it a go for a run. Having done what I could, I headed out around 11:00. It was warm and nice out. I ran over to Highland Green Road via the powerlines. With the fluffy snow on top, the icy spots were hidden - I took it easy. A few cars had been on the back Highland Green Road, so I turned off there. The going was OK, but uneven. Back onto the main road and then Mountain Road, taking the trails back to the high school area to get in 5 miles. My lower right leg felt pretty good, no discomfort and no tightness after the first few steps out the door. I put an ice pack on it as soon as I got in the door. Hoping I can keep it feeling OK, and am encouraged that I could get in 5 miles today with no issue. Have a massage tomorrow and an appointment with Dr. Jamie next Tuesday, so hopefully those things will help too.

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