Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday at Brad

I had emailed Mindy and Val to see if they were up for a Sunday run. Mindy was in but sadly Val had to work. Originally, we were slated to go to Morgan's birthday party early this afternoon but she got sick, so unfortunately Kristen had to reschedule. Poor Morgan! But it did mean I could get to the Brad for the scheduled 9am run. We were up early, and although I hemmed and hawed about it, I actually got there early so I could get in a few more miles and make today's run my long run. Headed out at 8:15 onto the very solid snowmobile trails and got in a good, if rather chilly, 4 miles before getting back to the lot a little before 9:00. No cars there. Hmmm... Being the wuss I am, I got back in my car and turned on the heat. - I knew if I stood around out in the cold, I'd never warm back up. Mindy pulled in a few minutes after 9:00. Looked like it was just us. We headed right out, running at a decent clip and talking all the way. 

The trail was in decent shape given the lack of snow but there were definitely some icy spots where we took it easy. We got out to the power lines, ran a bit further and then turned around and headed back to the park. My Garmin read just shy of 10 at the lot, meaning I got in 13.9 total, which was fine by me! It was a great Sunday morning run and great to catch up with Mindy! Always fun to run with a friend :) 

Ryan and Sam met up with me right after Mindy left and we wandered the woods for a bit of snow tromping. We didn't last long - I was cold and hungry! - but it was a fun walk in the woods! :) 

Of course, we hit Edna & Lucy's for a yummy lunch before heading home! A perfect Sunday morning!

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