Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Treacherous but Beautiful

Snow started falling early this morning, and maybe an inch+ had accumulated by the time I got out for my run around 9:45. I had originally thought about heading over to Bradbury for a snowshoe run, but it sounded like the roads were pretty nasty, so sticking close to home and not driving ended up sounding like the best option. I thought it would be too thin to take the snowshoes out around here, so I donned my screwshoes and headed off. I ran up and over Mt. Ararat and onto the cart path. Things were a little dicey, with snow falling in my eyes, flat light, uneven snow and a thick coating of new snow making it tough to tell what was underfoot. I took a digger on the downhill and landed hard on a big patch of ice. Ouch. I ran a bit more gingerly and cautiously after that.

Around the Heath, there had been a fair amount of traffic with a lot of postholing. Lots of animal prints too, squirrels and rabbits darting this way and that and crossing the trail. I wanted to get in 6 miles, so when I hit the road by the ecology center, I went straight across and took the long way along the Barnes Leap Trail down to and along the river. The fresh snow was covering the evergreens and the ice along the river. The river rushed around the rocks. Very pretty. I didn't take too much time to look at the scenery though - the footing required most of my attention! I ran back up the dirt road to the ecology center, marveling at how much the view had changed since Sam and I were out on Monday. Amazing what a bit of snow can do! Back around the Heath to Highland Green Road. I opted to take the sidwalk down to the powerlines instead of going back on the cart path. The snow atop the pavement was actually perfect for running with the screwshoes.

The funny thing is that today's 6 miles only took me a minute less than yesterday's 8. Ha. Guess that shows you how much conditions have to do with pace!

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