Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Balmy 10

The problem with having Tuesdays and Wednesdays off for the next few months (yes, yes, I'm not really complaining, I know I have it pretty good) is that I seem to have no ability to actually relax on these supposedly extra days off. Part of it is that I actually do have a project to work on each week, but part of it is that because I am sending Sam into daycare, I feel compelled to make use of any and all time I have, to cram as much into my days as possible, to get lots and lots of things done, as if to make up for the fact that I've sent her into daycare on these days when I could in theory keep her home with me. Ah, the mind of a possibly crazy, definitely guilty-trending mother.... Of course, I'm not letting my craziness get in the way of my running, running is just one of the things to cross off on my to-do list :-)

So, after getting a few things done this morning, I finally headed out around 10:45pm, donning my Nathan pack for the first time since Stonecat (!). The temperature was hovering right around freezing, and it was bright and sunny, rather balmy in fact. I was a bit apprehensive about the trail conditions, but figured I would just go for it, and could change plans if necessary. In the end, the trails were really in good shape. There were only one or two icy and/or bare spots in the sun or right along the edge of the roads; otherwise, the trails were holding up well. I ran out on the snowmobile trails along the powerlines and through the woods to the dump, around the ponds, and out further into the woods, hoping to add on the additional loop there for more mileage. Unfortunately, I came across a pair of skidders (?) working in the woods, clearing and thinning the trees. They had made a pretty big mess of the trail, and the snow was so soft underfoot where they had churned it up that it was rough going. I wandered out a bit, hoping I might still be able to make the loop, but alas, it was not to be. They had headed down towards Murder Road too, which was my next attempt. Oh well. So much for that. I turned around and recalculated my route so that I would still be able to hit 10 miles without having to add on at the end. 

On the return trip, in the sun, the snow was starting to get tacky, which actually made for good footing, and otherwise, it was a bit softer, so I was definitely starting to feel the time and effort I was putting in. But still, felt good and the Garmin beeped 10.0 right at the mailboxes. Perfect :-) A fine day out on the snowmobile trails in nice, warm temps, and hopefully a good start to winter training!

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