Friday, January 18, 2013


Didn't get out running yesterday. Just ran out of time. This morning, we all slept in, as both Ryan and Sam have a cold and cough, and needed all the sleep they can get. Luckily, Sam was in a good mood and I got her to daycare fairly easily and quickly before heading home to get a short run in before work. It was cold - 10 degrees - and sunny. I wasn't sure how the trails would be after Wednesday's snow, but thought I'd just put on my screwshoes and see what happened. I only had time for a short run anyway. There was one snowmobile track leading from the high school, but it hadn't done much in the way of packing things down. In fact, the snow seemed very light and loose, and I couldn't get much traction. Sort of like running in confectioners sugar or something. Weird. I decided to turn off at Highland Green Road and connect back to the trails via the cart path along hole #3. That was probably a mistake - the cart paths were even worse than the powerlines as no snowmobiles had been though, of course, and I was just trying to run through the slippery, dry, sugary snow. However, once I hit Mountain Road, the groomer had been out for the xc ski team, and I took the groomed trail back to the high school road. That short stretch was the best running of the route - pretty firm beneath my feet and easy to run on. Got in 3.5 miles and called it good enough.

Additional miscellanea for the day:
Sam has been working on her writing and her letters. She really wants to be able to write! We were spelling out our names on her little white board the other night, and she wanted to write my name. We spelled it out together and then after a few tries, this is what she came up with. I am so proud of her attempts to write "Mama"! :-) Of course, Ryan thought I was nuts to be proud of this scribble, but I think it's pretty good for a not even-quite 3 1/2 year old!

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