Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat

Isn't it almost November? Shouldn't it be cool out? Instead this morning the air felt balmy and warm, almost as if it were spring instead of late fall. I was dressed in shorts and a short sleeve shirt this morning for my run, and got out for a mellow 4 miles around the Heath. The foot appears to be a non-issue (knock on wood) but my back is still tight. Luckily, after a little massage from Ryan, plus some rolling on a tennis ball and on the foam roller, it felt OK during the run. I would really like it if my body wouldn't play these tricks on me so close to a race! Just makes the taper even more painful! Ugh!

And speaking of tricks and treats, it's Halloween which means it was the daycare Halloween parade and party this morning. Despite the fact that Sam had been telling us for days that she wanted to be a cow, suddenly last night, she didn't want to be one after all. We finally cajoled her into her costume this morning, and it actually worked out pretty well, I think! I watched the parade before scooting up to work, and it was just adorable. They paraded all the kids around the pick-up/drop-off oval a number of times, and there were parents lined up the whole way, watching and taking photos and cheering on the little kids. So cute!

Moo! (Note the Pineland Farms 25k bell :) )

All smiles at the Halloween Parade

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