Monday, October 29, 2012

Sam's 3-Year Checkup

Amidst all the talk about hurricanes today, Sam and I headed out this afternoon for her 3-year checkup. What was interesting was that the whole visit really emphasized that she was a toddler and no longer a baby! Standing on the scale, getting an eye exam, getting her blood pressure checked, getting undressed and wearing one of those lovely blue doctor's gowns (although hers was adorned with Looney Tunes characters) during the check-up. She did have to get a flu shot, which made her cry, but it was over quickly enough and she was OK with it. In any event, overall, she was a very good patient!

As for her stats, she is weighing in at 26.2 lbs, and is 34.2" tall. Yup, she's a peanut, but her weight is proportional to her height and she's staying steady on her own growth chart, which is really all that I care about. She's always been on the tiny end of the chart, so I really am not expecting her to all of the sudden be in the 50th percentile! :-)

With Ryan down in Portland today for work, I didn't get in a run, but this week it doesn't matter much, so Sam and I enjoyed the day together getting some things done around town, reading books, coloring and not napping :-) And with that, I'm headed to bed!

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