Wednesday, October 17, 2012


We had an earthquake last night. Here. In Maine. It registered in the "light" quake category, but we certainly felt it. However, I will admit that my first thought was not that it was an earthquake. I was putting Sam to bed, and we had the washing machine running. The machine is right on the other side of her bedroom wall, so I initially simply thought that the washing machine was unbalanced and was causing things to shake a bit. Then Ryan came rushing in, and I realized that things were still trembling. Weird. Don't think Sam noticed at all, and then just like that it was done.

This morning, I headed out into the frosty morning for a short 3 miler around the block. The air was clear and bright. A deep frost covered the grass. My legs felt surprisingly good considering yesterday's day off and Monday's 20 miles. I didn't feel creaky at all, although my legs did feel a bit tired. I'll take that as a good sign!


middle.professor said...

I've been in an earthquake in Maine before. Thanksgiving 1988. I was sitting at the table with my father-in-law and best friend. Father-in-law felt it, we didn't. He said "be quiet" and I could hear the dishes in the cupboard rattling. Then there was a small fire at the camp by the lake down the hill that we could see from the window.

Still, it didn't occur to me to think quake when I was sitting at Ricetta's and my table started shaking and it felt like my chair was one of those vibrating beds at a cheap hotel. I thought it was a passing truck, or Ricetta's had something weird going on in the basement. Very excited to see friends post "quake" on FB!

But not as excited as June? 1991? which was Cacky's and my first visit to California. We were in Santa Monica. The first morning, we both awoke to the bed shaking. I thought it was cacky pushing the footboard with her feet. Then I realized we were in California and this was an earthquake. Sweet, we both hopped out of bed and rushed over to the window - precisely what all California school kids are taught NOT to do. But we wanted to see the death and destruction, Chaos and Mayham, Cats and Dogs living together.

middle.professor said...

Oh yeh, the quake in LA was 6.9 or 7.0 and was the biggest quake in 20 years (at the time). Even cooler. Still no cats and dogs living together to see, which was a bummer.

Sparkplug said...

Ha, I love the idea of both of you rushing to the window and looking out to see the death and destruction :-) Classic!