Friday, October 26, 2012

Mellow 4

Headed out into the slightly balmy, sunny morning for a pleasant 4 miles along the powerlines. The bright red winterberries shone bright amongst the golden and browning brush. Deer prints in the sand. A Great Blue Heron swooping past, flapping its wings in a simultaneously odd yet graceful way. The scent of evergreens heavy in the air. A nice 4 miles to start off the day and end the running week. Legs felt good, although the neuroma on my left foot was acting up?! Hmmm, wonder what I did to bother it? Can't say I'm too happy with that. Will have to replace the pads in my shoes and be careful not to aggrevate it any more over the next week. Otherwise, feeling healthy and ready for next weekend!

1 comment:

unstrung said...

So impressed with your training and dedication. Can't wait for report on how you own it next weekend.
Hope the foot stuff levels out asap.