Sunday, October 14, 2012

5 and a Party

Today was Sam's birthday party. Luckily, the morning was pretty mellow and offset the chaos that was this afternoon :-) I didn't actually have much to do in preparation for the party that hadn't been done, so even managed to get out for a run this morning! After the rain last night, the front was moving through and it was just a bit dreary out. It was also much warmer than I had expected. I headed out into Highland Green, and thinking that there was likely no one playing on the course on such a wet morning, I decided to chance it and hit the cart paths instead of running through the woods down to the river. I skipped holes 1 and 2, but ran the rest of the holes. No one was out there, and it was a nice change to run on the packed dirt/gravel paths and not have to think about footing on a wet morning. I guess I must have timed things perfectly because when I came off hole #9, the parking lot at the clubhouse was filled with cars and it looked like a tournament must be going on! A decent 5 miles to start off the day.

The house was filled to capacity this afternoon with 7 kids and 12 adults, but we had a lot of fun. The kids were all very good together, and really enjoyed the craft project I had for them (decorating little foam refrigerator picture frames) and had a lot of fun coloring and playing together. It was very cute to see them all sitting around the table engrossed in their art! Sam received a lot of nice presents, and we of course hyped everyone up on cake and ice cream :-) I must admit to being pretty tired out by the time dinner rolled around, but it was fun to have our family and some of Sam's friends here to celebrate with her! Thanks everyone!

I was a delinquent Mom and just let everyone else take photos of the day, so I'll have to download some of my parent's photos tomorrow and post them :-) But for now, here is a cute shot of Sam opening the big roll of art paper from Auntie Meg and Uncle Chris, and one of her smiling as I put the cake down in front of her!


The birthday girl!

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