Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Autumn along the Cathance

Although it was overcast and humid, and the air didn't quite have that crisp autumn feel, it looked and sounded decidedly like fall out in the woods this morning. Ryan dropped Sam off at daycare so that I could get out for an hour+ run. I headed down to the Cathance for the 7 mile loop. Fallen leaves crunched underfoot. Along the quiet stretch of river early in the loop, the red and gold leaves of the maple and birch trees reflected brightly in the glass-like water. Later, as I neared Barnes Leap and along the Rapids Loop, the water gurgled over rocks covered with fallen leaves. I scared up a few grouse, their wings beating wildly out in the trees, and a kingfisher flew over the river. Sparrows flitted around and about amongst the raspberry brambles as I climbed back up from the river. A gaggle of turkeys strutted about, explored the edges of the woods near the high school. As for me, well, my legs felt a little heavy, but it was fun to get down into the Cathance trails again, winding along the singletrack and enjoying a beautiful fall morning in the woods.

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