Friday, March 11, 2011


The forecast was calling for rain today, and, well, they were right. The thermometer read 41 degrees, and a steady rain was falling this morning when I stepped out the door for my run. I actually wore my Golite raincoat, it looked so yucky out there. Ryan had told me he thought the snowmobile trails would be unrunnable, given that he was doing a fair amount of postholing yesterday, and temps had only been getting warmer since then. So, with a sigh, I headed off down the Connector. Nothing like running busy roads in the rain. The wind whipped the rain into my face, and I wasn't exactly enthused during the first mile, to say the least. Things got a bit better once I turned off onto Highland Green Road, as I wasn't running into the wind, and the street was quiet. I ran the road until the turn-off for the back dirt road, and looped around on the construction road back to the pavement. The dirt road was mostly mud, with a few patches of slippery ice, but it was nice to be off the pavement. When I got back up to where the snowmobile trail crosses the road, I decided, what the heck, and headed back home that way. Much better than the Connector, and honestly, it was pretty decent running. I sunk in a bit here and there, but things were still pretty packed. Of course, I was only on the snow for about a 1/2 mile, so who knows how it would have been further out on the trail, and what it will be like tomorrow. The random, figure-eight loop ended up being 4.25 miles and left me very soggy, a bit muddy and definitely appreciative of my warm shower once I got home!

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