Sunday, March 6, 2011


With two days of warm weather and rain, the snow cover is shrinking rapidly and this morning, things were a bit mushy out there. Ryan was over in New Hampshire last night, but my parents stayed over to keep Sam and I company, so I took advantage of the "live in" babysitters to sneak out this morning around 8:00. Thanks Mom and Dad! I ran the snowmobile trail to Highland Green Road - postholing and slipping and sliding all over the place in the soft snow. At the road, I hopped out and ran an out-and-back on the pavement rather than continue to slip and slide away. The 10 minute pace on the snow was offset by the 8:00s I was managing to pull off on the road. A rather uneventful 5 mile run, perhaps most notable for the fact that it was followed by a yummy breakfast of pancakes at Broadway Deli. Delish!

After that, it was home for Sam's nap and then we met Kristen and Morgan at the Peek a Boo Children's Center down in Westbrook. This was the perfect place for the kids on a rainy Sunday afternoon. A big open space in the old mill building, with theme rooms, a play kitchen, ball pit, etc. The kids ran around and had fun. Parents milled about, keeping tabs but enjoying the fact that there were a lot of things to distract the kiddos and keep them amused. Sam had a grand old time!

And since my parents are in town, it means pictures galore :-) Here are a few photos from yesterday, and a cute video from our dinner out at Frontier last night.

Big grin (with a nice tooth view too)

Hmmm, what should I read next?

Oh hi!

All smiles

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