Wednesday, March 9, 2011

7 Miles & Some Photos

The original plan for today was to meet up with Valerie at Thorncrag for a run, but after checking the conditions out yesterday she thought it might be a bit too sketchy, especially given that I wasn't looking to kill myself postholing or slipping on ice only a few weeks out from the 50k. I was bummed to miss out on a run with her, but hopefully the stars will align for us to meet up next week! Instead of having Valerie's company on a run, I was able to join up with Ryan for a nice 7-mile run on the new snowmobile trail dump loop, which was nice too! It was actually a really pretty morning, and the trail conditions were much better than I had anticipated - definitely varied, but very runnable and packed for 95% of the trail. After yesterday's effort, the legs complained a bit for the first few miles, but loosened up as we ran along. I actually felt pretty good, and the run was a great way to start off the day!

As I said in my last post, since my parents are in town, it means there are lots of pictures :-)
Here are a few from the past few days:

Feeding the kitties their treats
Looking cute - breakfast out at Broadway Deli
More breakfast fun
Tunnel fun while visiting Mim
Happy Morgan
Mim and her two great-granddaughters

Sam pushing the stroller around at Peek A Boo Play Center
Pip being silly :-)
Morgan relaxing in the "Princess" room 

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vja said...

Sounds like your back-up plan was a fun run : )

Love the pics! When I saw your dad, I immediately thought Stone Cat. I think he's forever linked to it in my head!