Friday, March 25, 2011

One Last Run

We headed out this morning for one last run before the Gator Trail 50k. It was only 51 degrees, overcast and breezy. Ahhh... now that's better!! As for tomorrow's race, I'm pretty nervous ,for sure, but looking forward to a fun race on the trails around Lake Waccamaw. After all, we are lucky to have the chance to test ourselves out on the trails, and see what our bodies can do. At this point, I've done all that I can do training-wise, I am accepting of the suffering to come and have faith in my ability to push through it, and we're loving the forecast for tomorrow too - low 40s overnight and only into the 60s for daytime temps. Perfect.

Since it's a taper week, we took yesterday off and just relaxed. Or, relaxed as much as you can when you're racing around after a 17-month old! :-) But really, we even sat down to watch the taped episode of Top Chef that we had missed Wednesday night. Sat down to watch TV in the middle of the day! Wow. That happens, like... never... Ahhhh, vacation...

After a big wind and rain storm on Wednesday night, the temps dipped slightly and a lot of the pine pollen was washed away, meaning it was a pleasant day to spend time outside. We walked around my parent's yard, went to the playground, and in general, relished in the fact that it is spring down here. There may have been a bit of grumbling here and there about how warm it still felt, but hey :-) The trees are budding, the grass is growing and the birds are building their nests. The flora and fauna notes so far include: numerous green anole (aka gecko) spottings on my parent's back porch, osprey, turkey vultures, robins, cormorants, a male cardinal, a Great Blue Heron, tufted titmice, the pair of bluebirds and chipping sparrows building nests out back, lots of mockingbirds and a few Brown Thrashers, the pretty yellow Carolina Jasmine, dogwood trees and purple Wisteria. Not to mention all the flowers blooming in the gardens and the flowering trees.

And since a visit with my parents inevitably includes lots of photos, here are a few from the past few days:

Green Anole (aka gecko)

Sam in the backyard
At the windowsill

Peeking through the chef's hat given to Sam by Chef Charles at dinner last night

Walking with Daddo at the edge of the golf course

Sam all dressed up for dinner out

Sam on the swings (note her cute little Nikes!)

Dinner Portrait

Walking out the of clubhouse with Nanie after dinner


vja said...

Have a great run! I wish we had some way of following the race. Go Team Snowplug!!!

Sparkplug said...

Thanks Valerie! We'll try to update on Facebook as soon as we're done! Feel better!!!!

Jamie said...

Kick some giant buttocks tomorrow!