Monday, March 14, 2011

A Nice Day Off

My parents headed towards home this morning. It was a great visit, and really nice of them to come up to help us out with Sam these past two weekends. Thanks guys - we really appreciate it! (And Mom, Sam couldn't stop saying "Nini" last night at bathtime, or this morning for that matter. So cute :-) )

Ryan took today off after working on Saturday, and he, Sam and I had a nice Monday together. The day started out right, with all of us sleeping in, me until 7:00, Sam until 7:30 and Ryan until what? 9:00?! :-) Soon after he got downstairs, I headed out for my run. I wanted to stay off the roads if I could, so I took the chance and went out on the powerlines. I chose not to wear my screwshoes, just  in case I had to veer off onto the roads, but it never came to that. I was able to complete the full 7-mile snowmobile dump loop, and honestly, the trails were in much better shape than I had envisioned. This is such a transitional time, but with the temps dipping at least a little below freezing last night, and me getting out before the sun softened things up too much, the trails were, amazingly, fairly solid. In fact, some stretches in the woods and in the shade along the powerlines had a nice icy sheen to them, which made for some great running. In other spots, there was ice or soft snow, with a few bare patches here and there, but it was a delightful discovery on a Monday morning to get in a good trail run!

The rest of the day was spent attempting to get Sam to nap (it didn't work, unfortunately), going to the library, where Sam had fun playing with all the toys, and enjoying an early dinner and some playtime with Nate, Shannon, Finley and Charlotte. Except for (and despite) not taking a nap, Sam was a really good girl all day long, and we had a fun day hanging out together :-)

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